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Isaiah 4

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1 And seven women will seize on one man that day, and say: "we will eat our bread and we will wear our clothes, only let us be called by your name, take off the shame from us."

2 On that day, the branch of the Lord will appear in beauty and honor, and the fruit of the earth in greatness and glory for the surviving [sons] of Israel.
3 Then those remaining in Zion and surviving in Jerusalem will be called saints, all inscribed in the book for living in Jerusalem,
4 when the Lord will wash the filth of the daughters of Zion and cleanse the blood of Jerusalem from his midst with the spirit of judgment and the spirit of fire.
5 And the Lord will create over every place of the mountain of Zion and over its assemblies a cloud and smoke during the day, and a blazing glow of fire during the night; for over all that is venerated there will be cover.
6 And there will be a tent for the fall in the afternoon from heat, and for refuge and protection from the weather and rain.

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