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Job 6

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1 And Job answered and said:
2 Oh, if my cries were correctly weighed, and with them put my suffering on the scales!
3 It would surely draw the sand of the seas! That’s why my words are frantic.
4 For the arrows of the Almighty are in me; my spirit drinks their poison; the horrors of God took up arms against me.
5 Is the wild donkey roaring on the grass? Does the bull moo at his mess?
6 Is it tasteless without salt, and is there a taste in egg white?
7 To what my soul did not want to touch, it constitutes my disgusting food.

eight Oh, when my desire would come true and God’s fulfillment my aspiration!
nine Oh, that God would have favored to crush me, extended His hand, and slaughtered me!
ten This would be a joy to me, and I would be strengthened in my merciless illness, for I have not rejected the sayings of the Holy.
eleven What is my strength to hope for me? and what end is to prolong my life for me?
12 Is the hardness of stones my hardness? and is my flesh copper?
13 Is there help for me in me, and is there any support for me?

fourteen To the afflicted there should be regret from his friend, unless he left fear for the Almighty.
fifteen But my brothers are unfaithful, like a stream, how fast are streams flowing,
16 which are black from ice and in which snow is hiding.
17 When it becomes warm, they diminish, and during the heat they disappear from their places.
18 They deviate the direction of their ways, go into the desert and get lost;
19 the roads of Femai look at them, the ways of Savey hope on them,
20 but remain ashamed in their hope; come there and blush with shame.
21 So now you are nothing: you saw the terrible and scared.

22 Did I say: give me, or from your wealth, pay for me;
23 and deliver me from the hand of the enemy, and from the hand of the tormentors redeem me?
24 Teach me and I will shut up; Indicate what I have sinned.
25 How powerful are the words of truth! But what do your convictions prove?
26 Do you make speeches for reproof? Let your words go to the wind.
27 You attack an orphan and dig a hole for your friend.
28 But please take a look at me; Will I speak a lie before your face?
29th Reconsider, is there a lie? reconsider - my truth.
thirty Is there a lie in my language? Can't my larynx discern bitterness?

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