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Job 7

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one Is not time determined on man on earth, and is not his day the same as the days of a mercenary?
2 Like a slave longing for shadow, and like a mercenary waiting for the end of his work
3 so I received in vain the months of vain, and woeful nights deducted to me.
4 When I go to bed, I say: “someday I’ll get up?”, And the evening lasts, and I toss and turn to the full until dawn.
5 My body is dressed in worms and dusty scabs; my skin breaks and fester.
6 My days run faster than a shuttle and end without hope.

7 Remember that my life is a breath, that my eye will not return to see the good.
8 He who sees me will not see me; Thy eyes are on me, - and I am not.
nine The cloud thins and leaves; so he who has descended into the netherworld will not come
10 He will no longer return to his house, and his place will no longer know him.
eleven But I will not hold my mouth; I will speak in the restraint of my spirit; I will complain in the grief of my soul.
12 Am I the sea or the sea monster that You set guard over me?
thirteen When I think: my bed will comfort me, it will take away my sorrow in my bed,
14 you frighten me with dreams and visions frighten me;
fifteen and my soul desires better than the cessation of breathing, better death than [the savings] of my bones.
sixteen Disgusted me with life. Do not live forever for me. Depart from me, for my days are vanity.

17 What is a man, that you value him so much and pay your attention to him,
eighteen visit it every morning, every moment you experience it?
nineteen How long will you not leave until you leave me, until you let me swallow my saliva?
twenty If I have sinned, then what will I do to You, guardian of men! Why did you make me an adversary to yourself, so that I became a burden to myself?
21 And why not forgive my sin and remove my iniquity from me? for, behold, I will lie in dust; You look for me tomorrow, and I am not.

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