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Job 8

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1 And Vildad the Savagian answered and said:
2 How long will you say so? - the words of your mouth are a stormy wind!
3 Does God distort the judgment, and the Almighty turns the truth?
4 If your sons sinned before Him, then He delivered them into the hand of their iniquity.
5 If you seek God and pray to the Almighty,
6 and if you are pure and right, then He will now rise above you and pacify the dwelling place of your righteousness.
7 And if at first you had a little, then later there will be quite a lot.

eight For ask the former clans and delve into the observations of their fathers;
nine but we are yesterday’s and we don’t know anything, because our days on earth are a shadow.
ten Here they will teach you, they will tell you, and they will utter the words from their hearts:
eleven Does the reed rise without moisture? Does reed grow without water?
12 He is also not cut in his freshness, and before all grass dries up.
13 Such are the ways of all those who forget God, and the hope of the hypocrite will perish;
fourteen his hope is undercut, and his confidence is the house of the spider.
fifteen He will lean on his house and will not stand; grab hold of him and not hold on.
16 It turns green before the sun, its branches extend beyond the garden;
17 its roots are woven into a heap [of stones], they cut between the stones.
18 But when they tear him out of his place, he will abandon him: `I have not seen you! '
19 Here is the joy of his way! and others grow out of the earth.

20 You see, God does not reject the immaculate and does not support the hands of villains.
21 He will fill your lips and lips with a joyful exclamation with laughter.
22 Those who hate you will be clothed in shame, and the tent of the wicked will not be.

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