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Job 9

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1 And Job answered and said:
2 true! know that so; but how will man be justified before God?
3 If he wants to enter into a debate with Him, then he will not answer Him in any of the thousands.
4 He is wise in heart and mighty in strength; who rebelled against him and remained alone?
5 He moves mountains, and they do not recognize them: He turns them in His anger;
6 shifts the earth from its place, and its pillars tremble;
7 He will say to the sun, - and he will not rise, and he puts a seal on the stars.
eight He alone stretches the heavens and walks along the heights of the sea;
nine created As, Kesil and Hima (1) and the hiding places of the south;
ten does the great, the unsearchable and the miraculous without a number!
eleven Behold, He will pass before me, and I will not see Him; it will sweep over and I will not notice Him.
12 He will take, and who will forbid him? who will say to him: what are you doing?
13 God will not turn away His wrath; the champions of pride will fall before Him.

fourteen Moreover, can I answer Him and seek words before Him?
fifteen Although I was right, but I will not answer, but I will beg my Judge.
16 If I called, and He answered me, - I would not believe that He heard my voice,
17 Who whirls me in a whirlwind and multiplies my wounds innocently,
18 does not allow me to take a breath, but saturates me with sorrows.
19 If [acting] by force, then He is powerful; if by court, who will bring me to him?
20 If I make excuses, my lips will blame me; [if] I am innocent, then He will find me guilty.
21 I am innocent; I do not want to know my soul, I despise my life.

22 All is one; therefore, I said that He destroys both the immaculate and the guilty.
23 If this strikes him suddenly with a whip, then the torture of the innocent chuckles.
24 The earth has been given into the hands of the wicked; He covers the faces of her judges. If not He, then who?

25 My days are faster than a messenger, - they run, they see no good,
26 they rush about like light rooks, like an eagle striving for prey.
27 If you tell me: I will forget my complaints, put aside my gloomy look and take courage;
28 I tremble all my sufferings, knowing that You will not pronounce me innocent.
29th If I am guilty, then why am I languishing in vain?
thirty Even though I washed myself with snow water and completely cleaned my hands,
31 then you will plunge me into the mud, and my clothes will abhor me.
32 For He is not a man like me, so that I can answer Him and go with Him to judgment!
33 There is no intermediary between us who would put his hand on both of us.
34 May He remove His rod from me, and His fear not terrify me, -
35 and then I will speak and I will not be afraid of Him, for I am not such in myself.

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