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Leviticus 7

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1 Here is the law on the sacrifice of conscription: this is a great shrine;
2 the sacrifice of conscription must be slaughtered in the place where the burnt offering is slain, and sprinkled with its blood on the altar from all sides;
3 [bringing] must present from her all the fat, the fat tail and the fat covering the insides,
4 and both the kidneys and the fat that is on them, which is on the quilts, and the omentum, which is on the liver; with kidneys, let him separate these things;
5 and the priest will burn this on the altar as a sacrifice to the Lord: it is a sacrifice of conscription.
6 The entire masculine sex of the priestly family can eat her; in a holy place must eat it: it is a great shrine.
7 There is only one law on both the sacrifice for sin and the sacrifice of conscription: it belongs to a priest who cleanses through it.
8 And when a priest brings someone a burnt offering, the skin of the [burnt] burnt offering that he brings belongs to the priest;
9 and every bread offering that is baked in the oven, and every one cooked in a pot or in a pan, belongs to the priest who brings it;
10 and every bread offering, mixed with oil and dry, belongs to all the sons of Aaron, both one and the other.

eleven Here is the law of the peace sacrifice that the Lord brings:
12 if anyone brings it in gratitude, then with the sacrifice of gratitude he must bring unleavened bread mixed with oil, and unleavened cakes anointed with oil, and wheat flour nourished with [oil], bread mixed with oil;
thirteen besides cakes, let him bring his leavened bread to the offering, with a peace offering of thanks;
14 may he bring one of his whole offerings to the Lord in an offering: it belongs to a priest who sprinkles the blood of a peaceful sacrifice;
fifteen the meat of a peaceful sacrifice of gratitude should be eaten on the day of its offering, should not leave from it until the morning.
16 If someone makes a sacrifice by vow, or out of zeal, then he should eat his sacrifice on the day of the offering, and the next day you can eat what is left of it,
17 and what remains of the sacrificial meat by the third day shall be burned on fire;
18 if they eat the meat of a peaceful victim on the third day, then it will not be favorable; whoever brings it will not be accounted for anything: this is defilement, and whoever eats it will suffer sin;
19 this meat, if it touches something unclean, should not eat, but must burn it on fire; and clean meat can eat anything clean;
20 if, however, what kind of soul, having uncleanness upon himself, eats the meat of the Lord’s peaceful sacrifice, then that soul will be destroyed from his people;
21 and if some soul, having touched something unclean, human impurity, or unclean cattle, or some unclean reptile, eats the meat of the Lord’s peaceful sacrifice, then that soul will be destroyed from its people.
22 And the Lord said unto Moses, saying:
23 say to the sons of Israel: Do not eat any fat from an ox, or from a sheep, or from a goat.
24 A knock from the dead and a knock from a torn beast can be used for any business; but eat do not eat it;
25 for whoever eats fat from cattle, which is sacrificed to the Lord, that soul shall be destroyed from his people;
26 and do not eat any blood in all your dwellings, either from birds or cattle;
27 and whoever eats any blood, that soul shall be destroyed from his people.
28 And the Lord said unto Moses, saying:
29th say to the sons of Israel: whoever presents his peace offering to the Lord, that part of the peace offering must be offered to the Lord;
thirty with his own hands he should sacrifice to the Lord: he should bring a fat with a breast, shaking his chest before the Lord;
31 the priest will burn the fat on the altar, and the chest belongs to Aaron and his sons;
32 and give the right shoulder, as an offering, from your peace offerings to the priest:
33 who of the sons of Aaron brings blood from a peaceful sacrifice and fat, to that and his right shoulder to share;
34 for I take from the sons of Israel from the peaceful victims their breasts of upheaval and the shoulder of the offering, and I give them to Aaron the priest and his sons to the everlasting site from the sons of Israel.

35 This is the plot for Aaron and the plot for his sons from the sacrifices of the Lord from the day when they appear before the Lord for the priesthood,
36 which the Lord commanded to give them from the day of their anointing from the sons of Israel. [This is] an eternal ordinance in their generations. -
37 Here is the law of the burnt offering, the offering of bread, the sacrifice for sin, the sacrifice of conscription, the sacrifice of consecration and the sacrifice of peace,
38 which the Lord gave to Moses on Mount Sinai, when he commanded the sons of Israel, in the wilderness of Sinai, to bring their offerings to the Lord.

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