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Proverbs 1

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one The parables of Solomon, son of David, king of Israel,
2 to know wisdom and instruction, to understand the sayings of reason;
3 learn the rules of prudence, justice, court and righteousness;
4 simple to give smartness, to a young man - knowledge and prudence;
5 the wise will listen, and he will increase knowledge, and the wise will find wise advice;
6 to understand the parable and intricate speech, the words of the sages and their riddles.

7 The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord; fools only despise wisdom and instruction.
eight Listen, my son, the instruction of your father, and do not reject the covenant of your mother,
nine because it is a beautiful wreath for your head and a decoration for your neck.

ten My son! if sinners persuade you, disagree;
eleven if they say: `come with us, make an ambush for the murder, wait for the immaculate without guilt,
12 the living, swallow them like hell, and - whole, as they descend to the grave;
thirteen pick up all precious property, fill our houses with prey;
fourteen you will cast your lot with us; we will all have one warehouse, ”
fifteen my son! do not go on a journey with them, keep your foot from their path,
sixteen because their feet run to evil and rush to shed blood.
17 In the eyes of all the birds in vain is the net
18 but they make an ambush for their blood and await their souls.
19 Such are the ways of anyone who craves someone else’s good: it takes life from those who possess it.

twenty Wisdom proclaims in the street, in the squares elevates his voice,
21 preaches in the main meeting places, at the entrance to the city gates he speaks his speech:
22 `How long, ignoramuses, will you love ignorance? [until] violent will delight in violence? how long will fools hate knowledge?
23 Turn to my conviction: behold, I will pour out my spirit upon you, I will declare my words to you.
24 I called, and you did not obey; I extended my hand, and there was no hearer;
25 and you rejected all my advice, and you did not accept my reproof.
26 For that I will laugh at your doom; I will rejoice when horror comes upon you;
27 when horror comes upon you, like a storm, and misfortune, like a whirlwind, is brought upon you; when grief and crowding befall you.
28 Then they will call me, and I will not hear; in the morning they will seek me, and they will not find me.
29th Because they hated knowledge and did not choose [for themselves] the fear of the Lord,
thirty They have not accepted my advice; All my reproofs have despised;
31 for this they will partake of the fruits of their ways and be filled with their thoughts.
32 Because the stubbornness of the ignorant will kill them, and the carelessness of the fools will destroy them,
33 but he who hears me will live safely and calmly, without fear of evil. ”

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