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Proverbs 29

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one A person who, being convicted, hardens his high, will suddenly lament, and will not be [he] healed.

2 When the righteous multiply, the people rejoice, and when the wicked reigns, the people lament.

3 A man who loves wisdom pleases his father; and whoever knows harlots scatters the estate.

4 The king establishes the land with justice, and the lover of gifts destroys it.

5 A man, flattering his friend, spreads a net at his feet.

6 In the sin of an evil man is a network [for him], and the righteous has fun and rejoices.

7 The righteous carefully scrutinizes the lawsuit of the poor, and the wicked does not understand the case.

eight Depraved people revolt the city, and the wise calm the rebellion.

nine An intelligent person, suing a foolish person, whether angry, laughing, has no peace.

ten Bloodthirsty people hate the immaculate, and the righteous take care of his life.

eleven The foolish pours out all his anger, but the wise restrains him.

12 If the ruler listens to false speeches, then all his servants are wicked.

thirteen The poor and the plague meet each other; but the Lord gives light to the eyes of both.

fourteen If the king judges the poor in truth, then his throne will be established forever.

fifteen The rod and reproof give wisdom; but the lad, left in negligence, does the shame of his mother.

sixteen With the multiplication of the wicked, iniquity multiplies; but the righteous will see their fall.

17 Punish your son, and he will give you rest, and will bring joy to your soul.

18 Without revelation from above, the people are unbridled, and those who obey the law are blessed.

19 A slave cannot learn words, because although he understands [them], he does not obey.

twenty Have you seen a rash man in your words? there is more hope for a fool than for him.

21 If from childhood to raise a slave in the bliss, then later he wants to be a son.

22 An angry man causes a quarrel, and a quick-tempered man sins a lot.

23 The pride of man humiliates him, and the humble in spirit gains honor.

24 He who shares with a thief, he hates his soul; he hears a curse, but does not announce it.

25 Fear of people puts the net; but he who trusts in the Lord will be safe.

26 Many seek the [supportive] face of a ruler, but the fate of man is from the Lord.

27 An abomination to the righteous is an unrighteous person, and an abomination to the wicked is a direct path.

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