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Psalm 105

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1 (104-1) Praise the Lord; call on his name; declare His works among the nations;
2 (104-2) sing unto him, and sing unto him; tell about all his miracles.
3 (104-3) Praise the name of His saints; may the hearts of those who seek the Lord be merry.
4 (104-4) Seek the Lord and His strength, always seek His face.
5 (104-5) Remember His miracles that He did, His signs and the judgments of His mouth,
6 (104-6) you, the seed of Abraham, his servants, the sons of Jacob, his chosen ones.
7 (104-7) He is the Lord our God: in all the earth are His judgments.

8 (104-8) Eternally remembers His covenant, a word [which] commanded in a thousand genera,
9 (104-9) which bequeathed to Abraham, and His oath to Isaac,
10 (104-10) and he made Jacob law and Israel an everlasting covenant,
eleven (104-11) saying: `I will give you the land of Canaan for the inheritance of your inheritance. '
12 (104-12) When they were still few in number, very few, and they were aliens in it
thirteen (104-13) and passed from nation to nation, from kingdom to another tribe,
14 (104-14) did not allow anyone to offend them and forbade the kings from them:
fifteen (104-15) `` Do not touch my anointed ones, and do not do evil to my prophets. ''
16 (104-16) And called hunger to the earth; he destroyed every stalk of bread.
17 (104-17) He sent a man before them: Joseph was sold as a slave.
18 (104-18) They constrained his legs with fetters; his soul entered into iron,
19 (104-19) until his word was fulfilled: the word of the Lord tested him.
20 (104-20) The king sent, and the ruler of the nations permitted him, and set him free;
21 (104-21) made him lord over his house and ruler over all his dominion,
22 (104-22) so that he instructed his nobles according to his own soul and teach his elders wisdom.
23 (104-23) Then Israel came to Egypt, and Jacob moved to the land of Ham.
24 (104-24) And [God] greatly multiplied his people and made him stronger than his enemies.

25 (104-25) Aroused in their heart hatred against His people and cleverness against His servants.
26 (104-26) He sent Moses, his servant, Aaron, whom he had chosen.
27 (104-27) They showed between them the words of His signs and His wonders in the land of Ham.
28 (104-28) He sent darkness and made darkness, and they did not oppose his word.
29th (104-29) He laid their water in the blood, and put their fish to death.
thirty (104-30) Their land produced many toads [even] in the bedroom of their kings.
31 (104-31) He said, and various insects came, sknipy to all their borders.
32 (104-32) Instead of rain, he sent hail upon them, scorching fire on their land,
33 (104-33) and broke their grapes and their fig trees, and crushed the trees within them.
34 (104-34) He said, and locusts and caterpillars without number came;
35 (104-35) and ate all the grass in their land, and ate the fruit in their fields.
36 (104-36) And he smote every firstborn in their land, the firstfruits of all their strength.
37 (104-37) And he brought forth [the Israelites] with silver and gold, and there was no sick one in their tribes.
38 (104-38) Egypt rejoiced over their departure; for fear from them fell upon him.
39 (104-39) He stretched out a cloud into [his] veil and fire to shine [him] at night.
40 (104-40) They asked, and He sent quails, and filled them with heavenly bread.
41 (104-41) A stone opened, and water flowed, flowed a river in dry places,
42 (104-42) for he remembered his holy word to Abraham his servant,
43 (104-43) and brought forth his people in joy, their chosen ones in joy,
44 (104-44) and gave them the lands of the nations, and they inherited the labor of the aliens,
45 (104-45) that they keep his statutes and keep his laws. Hallelujah! Hallelujah.

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