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Psalm 106

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one (105-1) Praise the Lord, for He is good, for His mercy endures forever.
2 (105-2) Who speaks the power of the Lord, declares all his praises?
3 (105-3) Blessed are they who keep judgment and do truth at all times!
4 (105-4) Remember me, Lord, in favor of Your people; visit me with thy salvation
5 (105-5) so that I can see the well-being of your chosen ones, have fun with the joy of your people, and boast about your inheritance.

6 (105-6) We have sinned with our fathers, have committed lawlessness, have done wrong.
7 (105-7) Our fathers in Egypt did not comprehend your wonders, did not remember your many mercies, and were indignant at the sea, at the Red Sea.
eight (105-8) But He saved them for His name's sake, in order to show His power.
nine (105-9) Menacing rivers are the Red Sea, and it has dried up; and led them through the abysses, as by land;
ten (105-10) and saved them from the hand of the hater, and delivered them from the hand of the enemy.
eleven (105-11) The waters covered their enemies, not one of them was left.
12 (105-12) And they believed His words, [and] sang praises to Him.

thirteen (105-13) [But] they soon forgot His work, did not wait for His will;
fourteen (105-14) carried away by lust in the wilderness, and tempted God into the uninhabited.
fifteen (105-15) And He fulfilled their petition, [but] sent an ulcer to their souls.
sixteen (105-16) And they envied in the camp Moses [and] Aaron, the holy Lord.
17 (105-17) The earth was opened, and swallowed Dathan and covered the assembly of Aviron.
18 (105-18) And fire was kindled in their assembly, a flame burned the wicked.
19 (105-19) They made a bull in Horeb and bowed to the idol;
twenty (105-20) and exchanged their glory for the depiction of an ox eating grass.
21 (105-21) Lost God, his Savior, who accomplished the great in Egypt,
22 (105-22) marvelous in the land of Khamova, terrible at the Red Sea.
23 (105-23) And he wanted to destroy them, if Moses, His chosen one, had not stood before Him in a cleft to avert His fury, so that He would not destroy [them].
24 (105-24) And they despised the land they desired, did not believe His word;
25 (105-25) and murmured in their tents, did not obey the voice of the Lord.
26 (105-26) And he lifted up his hand upon them, to lay them in the wilderness,
27 (105-27) put down their tribe among the nations and scatter them among the lands.
28 (105-28) They cleaved to Baalfegor and ate sacrifices of the soulless,
29th (105-29) and irritated [God] with their deeds, and an ulcer invaded them.
thirty (105-30) And Phinehas rebelled and made a judgment, - and the ulcer stopped.
31 (105-31) And [it] is imputed to him for righteousness in childbirth and for ever and ever.
32 (105-32) And they angered [God] at the waters of Meriva, and Moses suffered for them,
33 (105-33) for they grieved his spirit, and he sinned with his mouth.

34 (105-34) They did not destroy the nations that the Lord spoke to them,
35 (105-35) but mingled with the Gentiles and learned their deeds;
36 (105-36) served their idols [which] were a net to them,
37 (105-37) and they sacrificed their sons and their daughters to demons;
38 (105-38) shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and their daughters, who were sacrificed to the idols of Canaan, - and the land was polluted with blood;
39 (105-39) they defiled themselves with their deeds, they committed fornication with their actions.
40 (105-40) And the anger of the Lord kindled against his people, and he abhorred his inheritance
41 (105-41) and delivered them into the hands of the Gentiles, and those who hated them began to possess them.
42 (105-42) Their enemies oppressed them, and they humbled themselves under their hand.
43 (105-43) Many times He delivered them; they irritated [His] with their stubbornness, and were humiliated for their iniquity.
44 (105-44) But He looked upon their grief when He heard their cry,
45 (105-45) and recalled his covenant with them and repented of the multitude of his mercy;
46 (105-46) and aroused compassion for them in all who captivated them.
47 (105-47) Save us, Lord, our God, and gather us from the nations, in order to glorify Your holy name, to boast in Your glory.
48 (105-48) Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, from age to century! And let all the people say: Amen! Hallelujah!

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