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Psalm 140

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1 (139-1) ^^ Psalm. To the chief of the choir. Psalm of David. ^^ (139-2) Deliver me, Lord, from an evil man; save me from the oppressor:
2 (139-3) they think evil in the heart, every day they gang up on battle,
3 (139-4) they refine their tongue like a serpent; poison poison under their mouths.
4 (139-5) Observe me, Lord, from the hands of the wicked, save me from the oppressors, who intended to shake my feet.
5 (139-6) The proud hid the snares for me and the loops, spread the net along the road, spread the snare for me.
6 (139-7) I said to the Lord: You are my God; hear, Lord, the voice of my prayers!
7 (139-8) Lord, Lord, the power of my salvation! You covered my head on the day of the battle.

eight (139-9) Do not, Lord, wish the wicked; do not give success to his evil design: they will be proud.
nine (139-10) May the heads of those around me cover their evil mouths.
ten (139-11) May burning coals fall on them; may they be cast into fire, in the abyss, so that they do not rise.
eleven (139-12) A man of evil does not establish himself on earth; evil will carry the oppressor to perdition.
12 (139-13) I know that the Lord will create judgment for the oppressed and justice for the poor.
13 (139-14) So! the righteous will glorify your name; the immaculate will dwell before thy face.

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