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Psalm 141

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1 (140-1) ^^ Psalm of David. ^^ Lord! I am calling to you: hurry to me, listen to the voice of my prayer when I call to you.
2 (140-2) May my prayer be sent, like incense, before Thy face, the exaltation of my hands, as an evening sacrifice.
3 (140-3) Lay, O Lord, a guard over my mouth, and shield the doors of my mouth;
4 (140-4) do not let my heart deviate from evil words to apologize for sinful acts together with people who do lawlessness, and may I not partake of their sweets.

5 (140-5) Let the righteous punish me: it is mercy; let him reprove me: this is the best oil that will not hurt my head; but my prayers are against their wickedness.
6 (140-6) Their leaders scattered over the cliffs and hear my words that they are meek.
7 (140-7) As if the earth was being cut and crushed by us; our bones are strewed in the jaw of the underworld.
eight (140-8) But unto Thee, Lord, Lord, my eyes; I trust in you, do not reject my soul!
nine (140-9) Save me from the snares set for me, from the snare of the wicked.
ten (140-10) The wicked will fall in their net, and I will pass.

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