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Psalm 142

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1 (141-1) ^^ The Doctrine of David. His prayer when he was in the cave. ^^ I called to the Lord with my voice, and prayed to the Lord with my voice;
2 (141-2) I poured out his prayer before him; My sorrow was revealed to him.
3 (141-3) When my spirit was exhausted in me, You knew my path. On the path that I walked, they covertly set up networks for me.

4 (141-4) I look at the right side, and I see that no one recognizes me: there is no refuge for me, no one cares about my soul.
5 (141-5) I appealed to Thee, Lord, I said: You are my refuge and my part on the living earth.
6 (141-6) Listen to my cry, for I am very exhausted; deliver me from my persecutors, for they are stronger than me.
7 (141-7) Bring out my soul from prison, that I may glorify Your name. The righteous will gather around me when you show me good deeds.

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