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Psalm 39

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1 (38-1) ^^ To the chief of the choir, Idifum. Psalm of David. ^^ (38-2) I said: I will watch my ways, lest I sin with my tongue; I will curb my mouth, while the wicked is before me.
2 (38-3) I was mute and dumb, and was silent [even] about the good; and my sorrow moved.
3 (38-4) My heart was kindled in me; in my thoughts a fire kindled; I began to speak in my tongue:
4 (38-5) tell me, Lord, my demise and the number of my days, what it is, that I may know what my age is.
5 (38-6) Behold, You have given me days, [like] spans, and my age is like nothing before Thee. Truly, perfect vanity is every living person.
6 (38-7) Genuine, a man walks like a ghost; in vain he fusses, collects and does not know who will get it.

7 (38-8) And now what shall I expect, Lord? my hope is on you.
eight (38-9) Deliver me from all my iniquities; do not betray me to reproach to the insane.
nine (38-10) I became mute, I do not open my mouth; because you did it.
ten (38-11) Turn away your blows from me; I disappear from Your striking hand.
eleven (38-12) If you punish a person for crimes with convictions, then his beauty will crumble, as if from a moth. So, every man is vain!
12 (38-13) Hear, Lord, my prayer and listen to my cry; do not be silent to my tears, for I am a stranger to you [and] a stranger, like all my fathers.
13 (38-14) Depart from me, so that I may be able to eat before I depart and will not be me.

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