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Psalm 38

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1 (37-1) ^^ Psalm of David. In remembrance ^^. (37-2) Lord! Thou shalt not condemn me in Thy fury, and chasten me not in Thy wrath,
2 (37-3) For thy arrows pierced me, and thy hand gravitates upon me.
3 (37-4) There is no whole place in my flesh from Your wrath; there is no peace in my bones from my sins,
4 (37-5) for my iniquities exceeded my head, as a heavy burden burdened on me,
5 (37-6) stink, my wounds fester from my madness.
6 (37-7) I am bent and completely wilted, I go all day complaining,
7 (37-8) for my loins are full of inflammations, and there is no whole place in my flesh.
eight (37-9) I am exhausted and overwhelmed; I scream from the torment of my heart.
nine (37-10) Lord! before you all my desires, and my sigh is not hidden from you.
ten (37-11) My heart trembles; my strength has forsaken me, and the light of my eyes - and that is not mine.
eleven (37-12) My friends and sincere departed from my plague, and my neighbors stand far.

12 (37-13) But those who seek my soul set up nets, and those who wish me evil speak of [my] perdition, and plot every day intrigues;
13 (37-14) but I, as a deaf person, do not hear, and as a dumb person who does not open his mouth;
fourteen (37-15) and I became, as a man who does not hear and does not have an answer in his mouth,
fifteen (37-16) for I trust in Thee, Lord; You will hear, Lord, my God.
16 (37-17) And I said: May they not triumph over me [my enemies]; when my leg hesitates, they are magnified above me.
17 (37-18) I am close to falling, and my sorrow is always before me.
18 (37-19) I recognize my iniquity; I lament for my sin.
19 (37-20) But my enemies live and become strong, and those who hate me innocently multiply;
20 (37-21) and those who render me evil for good are at war with me because I follow good.
21 (37-22) Do not leave me, Lord, my God! Do not move away from me;
22 (37-23) Hurry to help me, Lord, my Savior!

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