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Psalm 91

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1 (90-1) He who dwells under the shelter of the Most High under the shadow of the Almighty rests,
2 (90-2) says to the Lord: `` my refuge and my protection, my God, on whom I trust! ''
3 (90-3) He will deliver you from the catcher’s net, from a fatal ulcer,
4 (90-4) With His feathers they will overshadow you, and under His wings you will be safe; the shield and the fence are His truth.
5 (90-5) You won’t be afraid of the horrors in the night, the arrow flying in the afternoon,
6 (90-6) an ulcer that walks in the darkness, an infection that devastates at noon.
7 (90-7) A thousand and ten thousand at the right hand of you will fall beside you; but it will not come close to you:
eight (90-8) You will only watch with your eyes and see the wicked's retribution.

nine (90-9) For you [said]: `Lord is my hope '; You have chosen the Most High as your refuge;
ten (90-10) evil shall not come unto thee, and the plague shall not come near thy dwelling;
eleven (90-11) for His angels commands you: to guard you in all your ways:
12 (90-12) they will carry you in their arms, that you may not stumble upon your stone with your foot;
13 (90-13) you will tread on Aspid and the Basilisk; You will trample on the lion and the dragon.
fourteen (90-14) `For he loved me, I will deliver him; I will protect him, because he has known My name.
fifteen (90-15) He will call to me, and I will hear him; with him I am in sorrow; I will deliver him and glorify him
16 (90-16) I will saturate him with the length of days, and I will show him My salvation. '

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