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Ruth 2

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1 Naomi had a relative for her husband, a very noble man from the Elimelekh tribe, his name was Boaz.
2 And Ruth Moabite Naomi said: I will go to the field and I will pick up the ears of corn in the footsteps of the one whom I will find favor. She said to her: go, my daughter.
3 She went, and came, and picked up [the ears of corn] in the field behind the reapers. And it happened that that part of the field belonged to Boaz, who was from the Elimelech tribe.

4 And so Boaz came from Bethlehem and said to the reapers: The Lord is with you! They said to him: God bless you!
5 And Boaz said to his servant, who was appointed to the reapers: Whose young woman is this?
6 A servant assigned to the reapers answered and said: This young woman is a Moabite woman who came with Naomi from the fields of Moab;
7 she said: “I will pick up and gather between the sheaves behind the reapers”; and she came, and is [here] since the morning hitherto; it’s not enough at home.
eight And Boaz told Ruth, “Listen, my daughter, do not go to pick up on another field and do not cross from here, but be here with my maids;
nine let in your eyes be that field where they reap, and follow them; behold, I ordered my servants not to touch you; when you want to drink, go to the vessels and drink, from where my servants draw.
ten She fell on her face and bowed to the ground and said to him: How have I won mercy in your eyes, that you accept me, even though I am a foreigner?
eleven Boaz answered and said to her: I have been told everything that you did for your mother-in-law upon the death of your husband, that you left your father and your mother and your homeland and came to a people that you did not know yesterday and the third day;
12 may the Lord give your reward for this work, and may there be a full reward from the Lord God of Israel, to whom you came to calm down under His wings!
13 She said: May I be in mercy in your sight, my lord! You comforted me and spoke after the heart of your slaves, while I am not worth any of your slaves.
fourteen And Boaz said to her, It is time for dinner; come here and eat bread and dip your piece of vinegar. And she sat near the reapers. He served her bread; she ate, ate, and was left.
fifteen And she got up to pick it up. Boaz gave an order to his servants, saying: let her pick up between the sheaves, and do not offend her;
16 and throw it away from the sheaves and leave it to her, let her pick it up, and do not scold her.

17 So she picked up on the field until evening and threshed the harvested, and came out near the barley efa.
18 Taking this, she went to the city, and her mother-in-law saw what she had dialed. And she took [Ruth out of her bosom] and gave her what she had left, having eaten herself.
19 And her mother-in-law told her: where did you collect today and where did you work? Blessed be he who received you! [Ruth]! she announced her mother-in-law to whom she worked, and said: the name of the person to whom I worked today is Boaz.
20 And Naomi said to her daughter-in-law: he is blessed from the Lord for not depriving his mercy of either the living or the dead! And Naomi said to her: This man is close to us; he is from our relatives.
21 Ruth the Moabite woman said: he even said to me: Be with my servants until they finish my harvest.
22 And Naomi said to her daughter-in-law Ruth, well, my daughter, that you will walk with his maids, and they will not insult you in another field.
23 So she was with the servants of Boazov and picked up [ears of corn], until the harvest of barley and the harvest of wheat ended, and lived with her mother-in-law.

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