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Songs of Songs 8

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1 Oh, if you were my brother, sucking my mother’s breasts! then I, having met you on the street, would kiss you, and they would not blame me.
2 I would lead you, would bring you to my mother’s house. You would teach me, and I would give you drink of aromatic wine, the juice of my pomegranate apples.
3 His left hand is under my head, and his right is embracing me.
4 I conjure you, daughters of Jerusalem, - do not wake and do not disturb your beloved, as long as she pleases.

5 Who does this ascend from the desert, relying on his beloved? I woke you under an apple tree: your mother gave birth to you there, your parent gave birth to you there.
6 Lay me like a seal on your heart, like a ring, on your hand: for love is strong as death; jealousy, like hell; her arrows are arrows of fire; she flame is very strong.
7 Large waters cannot extinguish love, and rivers will not flood it. If anyone gave all the riches of his house for love, he would be rejected with contempt.

eight We have a sister who is still small, and she does not have suckers; What will we do with our sister when they marry her?
nine If it were a wall, we would build chambers of silver on it; if it was a door, then we would overlay it with cedar boards.
ten I am a wall, and my nipples are like towers; therefore, I will be in his eyes, as having reached fullness.
eleven The vineyard was at Solomon's in Baal Hamon; he gave this vineyard to the watchmen; each had to deliver a thousand pieces of silver for its fruits.
12 And my vineyard is with me. Let a thousand be to you, Solomon, and two hundred to those who keep his fruits.

13 A resident of the gardens! comrades listen to your voice, let me listen to it.
fourteen Run, my beloved; be like a chamois or a young deer on the balsamic mountains!

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