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XVM 0.9.0 World of Tanks

What is XVM World of Tanks?

XVM full, what is hidden behind this abbreviation? World of Tanks users rather quickly and aptly called this update “reindeer meter” or “reindeer meter”. Recall - " deer " in WOT, is a non-professional player, making stupid mistakes that lead to the defeat of the whole team.

XVM is actually engaged in the fact that before the start of the battle automatically retrieves all the statistics about the players who will participate in the fight. After processing it, it demonstrates its available version. This expansion of the combat interface of the game is fully approved by the developers, and is not a prohibited program.

What do I find out by installing myself XVM wot ?

In the combat interface by default, it is possible to find out the player's nickname, the type and level of the tank on which he goes into battle, as well as the number of frags. Alas, as practice shows, this information is completely inadequate, because two different people on the same tank are able to demonstrate completely opposite results in the same situation.

For comparison and analysis, after the installation of the "reinder", the player is given three additional parameters. This is the number of fights played, the percentage of his victories, as well as his efficiency - a new statistical parameter that reflects his performance rating.

Among all these three parameters, efficiency, and not statistics, is the most important for analysis. It is worth considering that the percentage of victories is given for the whole vehicle, and not for the specific tank on which it went into battle. Thus, a fighter with a large statistics of victories could easily “fill” these statistics in the sandbox, or on a different type of equipment. The number of battles, the parameter is also important, but it is worth understanding that, firstly, the quantity does not always develop into quality, and secondly there is always the risk that the player has acquired this account.

The efficiency in this situation is calculated based on several parameters. The most important are the indicators of "the average number of opponents killed for the battle" and "the average damage inflicted on the enemy." About half of utility points are assigned to this parameter. The points of reconnaissance, capture of the base are less significant, and the minimum efficiency gain is given by the points earned by the “base defense” and the percentage of victories. This balance has been tested for several months, and today reflects fairly realistic and realistic statistics regarding the skill of the tanker.

Where to download the "reindeer", and how to install it?

Download XVM stat is quite simple. Just click on this link . The client is updated regularly, and almost immediately after the release of the new version of the game, its files are updated. Usually the mod is in the archive, which should be unpacked in the folder with the game client.

Sometimes for the mod to work correctly, the Microsoft .NET Framework libraries need to be updated, although most modern Windows have pre-installed files of these libraries. Also, when you first install a mod in the archive, you should find the Dokan library file , which is installed once.

To start the game from the root directory, use the file wot-xvm-proxy.exe, if you start it through a launcher, you need to enter the key in the field “object”: wot-xvm-proxy.exe / launcher.

What will give me the use of " deer "?

Xvm world of tanks is certainly a useful module. Based on the data obtained on the tank crew of his team, you can adjust your own actions in battle. It often follows, for example, to support the strongest players who form the shock "fist" of equipment, this will make it much easier to pass through the defensive orders of rivals, while less professional players will defend themselves at other key points. An alternative may be the opposite, the support of weak tankers, to effectively deter the enemy.

Also, it is important knowledge of skills about the opponent. Sometimes, seeing a weak player in front of you, you can speak using aggressive tactics; there is a great risk of confusion on his part, which will allow you to destroy him almost without loss. On the contrary, seeing a strong opponent, it is worthwhile to select him as a priority target, and in the case of a company game, choose the first target for focal fire.

However, do not blindly rely on statistics. Sometimes even the weakest player can have a brilliant fight, and wot xvm is unlikely to tell about it. It is also possible that the opponent’s computer is not at all the person whose statistics you see in your interface, which can also dramatically change the style and level of the game.

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