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Tank T82 guide World of Tanks

American anti-tank self-propelled gun T82 located on level 3. The cost of the tank is 30,000 silver. The crew of the tank consists of 5 people, the maximum speed is 48 kilometers per hour, the strength is 160 units, the tank's overview is 370 meters. The tank has virtually no armor. A little about mobility: running mobility 30 degrees per second, good running mobility at its level. With the installation of the top running mobility becomes 32 degrees. So, now about the guns of the tank. There are three guns to choose from, but I advise you to install the 57 mm Gun M1 gun, since it is fast-firing and penetration is excellent. The rate of fire of the gun 21 with a small rounds per minute, taking into account the fact that your crew will be trained 100 percent.
The machine, unique in its characteristics, can not only shoot from an ambush, but also due to maximum speed, can go behind enemy lines. In the case of an ambush attack or support of allies, it is advisable not to draw attention to yourself, to act carefully. If you decide to go behind enemy lines, you need the ability to correctly calculate the strength of technology, and choose the appropriate position. If you get to 5 levels, then only the support of allies and no more. If we are in the top, then you can break through any flank, taking with you a pair of allies.
That's all, good luck on the battlefield.

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