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Special remedies for the treatment of alcoholism

Patients with alcoholism suffer from dysfunctions of various organ systems.
nizhm (central and peripheral nervous system, cardiovascular,
endocrine systems, etc.), therefore in the complex therapy of patients with alcohol
medicated drugs of various pharmacological
Universal means of pathogenetic pharmacotherapy of alcoholism to
present time does not exist. Medicines are used to
the easing of withdrawal from drinking, stopping the abstinen-
Widespread use as a means to generate a negative conditional
vomiting agents have a reflex reaction to alcohol (see Apomorphine,
Emetin and others); drugs that cause certain doses of negative
cardiovascular reactions (see Xantinol nicotinate; nicotinic acid
vaya); drugs that change the metabolism of alcohol in the body (see Teturam,
Metronidazole, Furazolidone) and others.
To stop and relieve the symptoms of abstinence add tranquilizing
congestion and sedatives, K chlormethiazole (hemininein) and others.
golnoy coma apply knalokson.
In the treatment of patients with alcoholism, antipsychotics are widely used (tri-
phtazine, etc.), tranquilizers (sibazon, phenazepam, etc.), antidepressant
you (azafen, pyrazidol, tetrindol, imipramine), piracetam; cardiovascular
Means, vitamins and a number of other medicines.
To remove dipsomania recently began to apply the decoction of thyme
(see Thyme Herb).