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2 Samuel 14

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1 And Joab the son of Zeruiah remarked that the king’s heart turned to Absalom.
2 And Joab sent to Fekoy, and took a smart woman from there and said to her: Pretend to cry and put on sad clothes, and do not smear with oil, and introduce yourself as a woman who cried for many days over the dead;
3 and go to the king and tell him so and so. And Joab put in her mouth what to say.
4 And the woman Fekoityanka came into the king and fell on her face with her face, and bowed and said: help, king!
5 And the king said to her, What do you want? And she said: I am a widow, my husband is dead;
6 and your servant [had] two sons; they quarreled in the field, and there was no one to separate them, and struck one another and put him to death.
7 And now, all kinship has risen against your servant, and they say: `give back your brother's murderer; we will kill him for the soul of his brother, whom he destroyed, and even destroy the heir. ” And so they will extinguish the rest of my spark, so as not to leave to my husband my name and posterity on the face of the earth.
eight And the king said to the woman: Go home calmly, I will give an order for you.
nine But the woman Fekoityanka said to the king: My lord the king, it will be mine and the house of my father, the king and his throne are innocent.
ten And the king said: bring him to me, who will be against you, and he will no longer touch you.
eleven She said: Remember, king, of the Lord your God, lest the avengers of blood multiply and destroy my son. And he said [king]: The Lord lives! and your son’s hair will not fall to the ground.
12 And the woman said: Let your servant say the [still] word to my lord the king.
13 He said: speak. And the woman said: Why do you think so against the people of God? The king, uttering this word, blamed himself because he did not return his exile.
fourteen We will die and [will] be like water poured on the earth, which cannot be collected; but God does not want to destroy the soul and is thinking how not to reject from Himself and the outcast.
fifteen And now I have come to say these words to the king, my lord, because the people scare me; and your servant said: I will speak with the king, whether he will make according to the word his slaves;
16 it is true that the king will hear and deliver his servant from the hands of people [wanting] to destroy me with my son from the inheritance of God.
17 And your servant said: May the word of my lord the king be a consolation to me, for my lord the king, like an angel of God, can hear both good and bad. And the Lord your God will be with you.
18 And the king answered and said to the woman: Do not hide from me what I will ask you. And the woman said: Speak, my lord the king.
19 And the king said: Is not Joab's hand in all this with you? And the woman answered and said: Let thy soul live, my lord the king; neither right nor left is it possible to evade what my lord the king said; for sure your servant Joab ordered me, and he put all these words into the mouth of your slaves;
20 in order to give the parable this appearance, your servant Joab taught me; but my lord is wise, as the angel of God is wise, to know all that is on earth.

21 And the king said to Joab, Behold, I have done [according to thy word]; Go, return the youth Absalom.
22 Then Joab fell face down on the earth and bowed, and blessed the king and said: now your servant knows that he has found favor in your eyes, my lord the king, because the king made his servant according to the word.
23 And Joab arose, and went to Geshur, and brought Absalom to Jerusalem.
24 And the king said: let him return to his house, but he cannot see my face. And Absalom went to his house, but did not see the king's face.
25 In all of Israel there was no man as handsome as Absalom, and so much praised as he was; from the sole of his feet to the top of his head he had no shortage.
26 When he cut off his head, —and he cut it off every year because it weighed him — that the hair from his head weighed two hundred shekels according to the king’s weight.
27 And Absalom was born three sons and one daughter, by the name of Tamar; she was a beautiful woman.

28 And Absalom remained in Jerusalem for two years, but did not see the king's face.
29th And Absalom sent for Joab to send him to the king, but he did not want to come to him. Sent another time; but he did not want to come.
thirty And [Absalom] said to his servants: You see a section of the field of Joab near mine, and he has barley there; go burn it with fire. And the servants of Absalom burnt that section of the field with fire.
31 And Joab arose, and came to Absalom's house, and said unto him, Why did thy servants burn my parcel with fire?
32 And Absalom said to Joab: Behold, I sent for you, saying: come here, and I will send you to the king to say: Why did I come from Gessur? It would be better for me to stay there. I want to see the face of the king. If it’s my fault, then kill me.
33 And Joab went to the king and told him [this]. And the king called Absalom; he came to the king, and fell on his face to the earth before the king; and the king of Absalom kissed.

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