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Proverbs 23

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1 When you sit down to eat food with a lord, then carefully observe what is in front of you,
2 and put a barrier in your larynx if you are greedy.
3 Do not be tempted by his tidbits; it is deceiving food.

4 Do not worry about making wealth; leave such your thoughts.
5 Turn your eyes to him, and - he is no more; because it will make wings for itself and, like an eagle, fly away to heaven.

6 Do not eat the food of an envious person and do not be tempted by his tasty dishes;
7 because what thoughts are in his soul, such is he; `eat and drink, 'he tells you, and his heart is not with you.
eight The piece that you ate will be forgotten, and you will spend your kind words in vain.

nine Do not speak foolish in your ears, because he despises your reasonable words.

ten Do not move between the old and do not go into the fields of orphans,
eleven because their Protector is strong; He will intervene with you.

12 Put your heart in learning and your ears in clever words.
13 Do not leave the youth without punishment: if you punish him with a rod, he will not die;
fourteen you will punish him with a rod and save his soul from the underworld.
fifteen My son! if your heart is wise, my heart will rejoice too;
16 and my entrails will rejoice when thy mouth speaks right.

17 May your heart not be jealous of sinners, but may it abide all the days in the fear of the Lord;
18 because there is a future, and your hope is not lost.

19 Listen, my son, and be wise, and direct your heart on the straight path.
20 Do not be between drunken wine, between satiated meat:
21 because a drunkard and a satiated one become impoverished, and drowsiness puts on rags.
22 Obey your father: he begat you; and do not neglect your mother when she is old.
23 Buy the truth and do not sell wisdom and doctrine and reason.
24 The father of the righteous triumphs, and the father of the wise rejoices over him.
25 May your father have fun, and may your mother who gives birth to you triumph.
26 My son! give your heart to me, and let your eyes watch my ways
27 because the harlot is a deep abyss, and the strange wife is a tight well;
28 she, like a robber, sits in an ambush and multiplies between criminals people.

29th Who has a howl? who has a moan? who has a quarrel? who has grief? who has wounds for no reason? who has crimson eyes?
thirty Those who sit for wine for a long time, who come to look for [the wine] seasoned.
31 Do not look at the wine, how it turns red, how it sparkles in the bowl, how it is looked after evenly:
32 subsequently, like a serpent, it will bite, and sting like an asp;
33 your eyes will look at other people's wives, and your heart will speak a lecherous one,
34 and you will be as sleeping in the middle of the sea and as sleeping on the top of the mast.
35 [And you say]: `they beat me, it did not hurt me; pushing me, I did not feel. When I wake up, I will again look for the same. '

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