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Proverbs 24

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one Do not be jealous of evil people and do not wish to be with them,
2 because their heart thinks of violence, and their mouth speaks of evil.

3 Wisdom builds a house and affirms with reason
4 and with a decrease in his insides are filled with all precious and beautiful property.
5 A wise man is strong, and a rational man strengthens his strength.
6 Therefore, with deliberation, wage your war, and success [will be] with many meetings.

7 For a fool, wisdom is too high; he will not open his mouth at the gate.
eight He who plans to do evil is called an attacker.
nine The idea of ​​stupidity is sin, and the scorner is an abomination to people.

ten If you were weak on the day of disaster, then your strength is poor.

eleven Save those taken to death, and will you really refuse the doomed to kill?
12 Will you say: “Now, we did not know this”? But does the He who tests the heart know? He who watches over your soul knows this, and will reward man according to his deeds.

thirteen Eat, my son, honey, because it is pleasant, and honeycomb, which is sweet for your larynx:
fourteen such is the knowledge of wisdom for your soul. If you found [her], that is, the future, and your hope is not lost.

fifteen Do not be malicious, the wicked, against the dwelling of the righteous, do not devastate his resting place,
sixteen for the righteous one will fall seven times, and will rise up; and the wicked will perish.

17 Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and let your heart not have fun when he stumbles.
18 Otherwise, the Lord will see, and it will be objectionable in His eyes, and He will turn His wrath away from him.

19 Do not resent the villains and do not envy the wicked,
twenty because the evil has no future, - the lamp of the wicked will fade away.

21 Fear my son, the Lord and the king; do not communicate with the rebels
22 because suddenly death will come from them, and who knows the trouble from both of them?

23 It is also said to be wise: it is not good to have personal respect in court.
24 Who says to the guilty: `` you are right, '' the nations will curse, the tribes will hate;
25 but those who reprove will be loved, and blessing will come upon them.
26 Kisses the mouth, who answers with the words faithful.

27 Do your work outside the house, finish it in your field, and then build your house.

28 Do not be a false witness to your neighbor: why should you deceive with your lips?
29th Do not say: `` as he did to me, so I will do to him, I will repay the man according to his deeds. ''

thirty I walked past the field of a lazy man and past the vineyard of a poor man:
31 and now, all this was overgrown with thorns, its surface was covered with nettles, and its stone fence collapsed.
32 And I looked, and turned my heart, and looked and received a lesson:
33 `sleep a little, take a little nap, lay a little with your hands folded, lie down, -
34 and your poverty [and] passer-by will come, and your need like an armed man. ”

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