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Proverbs 25

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1 And these are the parables of Solomon, which were gathered by the men of Hezekiah, king of Judah.

2 The glory of God is to clothe the secret work, and the glory of the kings to investigate the matter.
3 As the sky is high and the earth deep, so the heart of kings is unexplored.

4 Separate the admixture from silver, and a vessel will come out from the silverman:
5 remove the unrighteous from the king, and his throne will be established by righteousness.

6 Do not magnify yourself before the king, and do not stand in the place of the great;
7 because it’s better when they say to you: “go here higher” than when they lower you before the nobleman whom your eyes saw.

eight Do not rush into litigation: otherwise what will you do at the end when your opponent disgraces you?
nine Lead a lawsuit with your rival, but do not reveal the secrets of another,
ten lest he that hears you reproach, and then thy dishonor shall not depart from you.

eleven Golden apples in silver transparent vessels - the word spoken decently.
12 A gold earring and solid gold jewelry is a wise accuser for a careful ear.

13 What is the coolness of the snow during the harvest, the loyal ambassador for sending him: he delivers his master the soul of joy.

fourteen With clouds and winds without rain, a man bragging about false gifts.

fifteen Meekness leans toward the grace of a nobleman, and a soft tongue breaks a bone.

16 You found honey, you know how much you need, so as not to get fed up with it and not puke it.

17 Do not make your friend enter your house so that he does not bore you and does not hate you.

18 As a hammer and a sword and a sharp arrow, a man uttering a false testimony against his neighbor.

19 With a broken tooth and a relaxed leg, the hope of an unreliable [person] on the day of disaster.

20 That taking off his clothes on a cold day, that vinegar to the wound, then singing songs to a sad heart.

21 If your enemy is hungry, feed him bread; and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink:
22 for, [doing this], you gather burning coals on his head, and the Lord will repay you.

23 The north wind produces rain, and the secret language is disgruntled faces.

24 It is better to live in a corner on the roof than with a grumpy wife in a spacious house.

25 What cold water is for a soul-hungry thirst, good news from a distant land.

26 As an indignant source and a damaged spring, a righteous man who falls before the wicked.

27 How bad it is to eat a lot of honey, so to seek glory is not glory.

28 That the city is destroyed, without walls, then a man who does not own his spirit.

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