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Test your brain in seconds

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Проверьте работу вашего мозга за несколько секунд

The simplest test will test your brain.

The picture of the spinning girl that you see around the Internet has firmly won one of the leading positions as a test for which hemisphere of your brain works better.

The author of this picture is Japanese designer Nobuyuki Kayahara.

How to check brain function?

Everything is very simple.

Проверьте работу вашего мозга за несколько секунд

Look in which direction the girl is spinning? Immediately make a reservation, it can be forced to rotate in any direction.

If you see that the girl rotates clockwise, it is assumed that your right brain is more developed. If you see counterclockwise rotation - left.

More often people see a girl spinning counterclockwise. Therefore, these people use the left side of the brain more. Let me remind you that by focusing, you can change the direction of movement of the girl.

Interestingly, several decades ago, the right brain was not given much importance. It was generally accepted that it was in some way meaningless. However, over time, scientists concluded that the right hemisphere of the human brain is very important for the development of a creative personality.

For those who can’t change the direction of the dancer’s rotation, there are 3 pictures below.

By briefly looking at the left or right picture, you can easily change the direction of movement in the central picture.

This simple test will help you check which part of your brain is most active.

Проверьте работу вашего мозга за несколько секунд

Left brain

Verbal information is processed.

The left hemisphere is responsible for language abilities, controls speech, writing and reading abilities.

Using exactly the left hemisphere of the brain, a person remembers facts, dates, names and controls their writing.

The left hemisphere of the brain analyzes all the facts, is responsible for analysis and logic.

Mathematical symbols and numbers are also recognized by the left hemisphere. Information is processed sequentially.

Right brain

Non-verbal information is processed.

The right hemisphere of the human brain processes information that is not expressed in words, but in images and symbols.

Using the right hemisphere, a person is able to fantasize and dream, to compose stories.

The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for the ability to fine art and music.

The right hemisphere simultaneously processes a lot of different information.

It makes it possible to consider everything as a whole without resorting to analysis.

If you believe the results of research conducted at Yale University for five years, if a person manages, without straining his eyes, to change the direction of rotation of the girl, then these people have an IQ above 160.

Or is it just an optical illusion? You can check. Personally, I can not do it; (