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The best fashion and sights

World of Tanks sights

In the Vord of Tank, the sights play an important role during the battle, since it is they who often largely “decide” the outcome of the confrontation with enemy equipment. For the Vord of Tank, you can download sights usually (and need) only on third-party resources, for example, on this, because the options that are available on the official website and on the forum usually differ from the standard ones not so much that there is a need to engage their installation.

Word of Tank download scopes free

Now more. So, the sight is a coordinate grid on the game screen, which allows (suddenly!) To aim at an enemy technique and shoot, with varying degrees of effectiveness . Actually, all the differences are in efficiency. In any of the options, whether standard or modified, there is an aiming point that shows what exactly the gun is pointing at, and a central marker, always located in the center of the screen and showing a lot of additional information, such as the attack sector of your tank, the brand and nickname of the visible enemy, the distance to the target, the progress of the process of charging the gun, the number of remaining shells and the like. Any scope works in two versions - normal, when the surrounding space is visible, and sniper, in which the target is “close”, but what happens around the player’s tank is a mystery. Using developers too much relatively unnecessary information when aiming and has created a huge number of alternatives, in which all unnecessary removed, and some interesting things added to the contrary. For example, reload time, distance to price, body bookings, enemy reload speed and more.

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Vord of Tank Fashion Sights

In the Vord of Tank mods, the sights are set in exactly the same way as all other mods — by copying the files to the res_mods special folder, with the result that after the game has been restarted, a completely different aim function appears. Or there is another option to put a sight using the installer modpaka . Many of the mods of this type are formally prohibited, because they directly affect the outcome of the battle. For example, some options remove bushes and other shooting signals from the sniper mode, which allows you to see not the enemy's silhouette, as in the standard, but the entire model, and accordingly you can already aim and shoot not anywhere, but at vulnerable points on the armor. More simple modes simply remove everything conditionally superfluous, leaving only important information. Even simpler ones change only the appearance, roughly speaking, changing the standard skin to something from Star Wars.

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