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Tank Bat.-Chatillon 155 58 guide World of Tanks

Bat Chatillon 155, also known as Bat Chat, is the French World of Tanks self-propelled guns , the crown and the result of the WoT “paddling” artillery. If you like to throw a pack of landmines through the entire map over the entire MTO roof over the map, causing their attacks of uncontrollable rage, for several seconds, Bat Chatillon 155 is a great choice!

Why is she better than the rest?

Review video guide sau Bat Chatillon 155 155 WoT I want to start by listing the undoubted advantages of this self-propelled guns . And there are a lot of them.
The first and main one is a 4-shell drum, which allows you to send any enemy into the hangar in the shortest time! The interval between shots is only 5 seconds - is this not a reason for the joy of the artilleryman and the mourning lover of "potting"? In addition, the fastest mixing among “classmates” (only 4.6 seconds), coupled with excellent accuracy and a rotating tower, make it possible to instantly transfer fire from one sector to another with minimal loss of time. And, of course, do not forget about mobility! A good WoT gunner is akin to a sniper, always knows when to change position, and does it as quickly as possible.

But isn't everything so good?

Yes, the Bat Chat 155 World of tanks self-propelled guns also have disadvantages. For example, the armor penetration of shells is very moderate, which, coupled with the absence of armor-piercing shells, makes direct-fire shooting ineffective, and the "gold" shaped-charge shells solve this problem only partially. In addition, the ability to “ship” shells in non-stop mode is compensated by their relatively small explosive action and long reload time of the drum (about a minute). And finally, the declination angle of the BC 155 gun leaves the World of Tanks much to be desired ... but what is there, there is no declination angle. Be careful, gunner!

And what to do with all this?

First of all, you need to decide on the appropriate tactics. Tank Bat Chatillon 155, due to its mobility, can not only shoot at a "light" from a quiet corner, but also actively support the attacking group. Even in Khimmelsdorf, Bat Chat is capable of delivering a lot of trouble to the enemy, thanks to its rate of fire and maneuverability. It should be remembered, however, that the implement does not go down. However, experienced gunners know that on the Chat Chat 155 WoT you can shoot well at medium-close distances, the main thing is not to let the enemy go completely blank.
Among the crew perks, “disguise” and “battle fraternity” are especially important. As for the additional modules - among those who have learned the Bat Chatillon 155 WoT Zen, reinforced pick-up drives, ventilation and a camouflage network, together with a small first-aid kit, a small repair kit and manual fire extinguishers are especially popular. However, lovers of a mobile style of play often put enlightened optics instead of a mascet and take “strong coffee” instead of fire extinguishers. The taste and color are different.

Remember, gunner!

On cards with an abundance of elevations, ( Al-Khaluf , Mines , etc.) it can be difficult to play in PT mode - negative IQ is ridiculously small. In addition, damage to the tracks deprives the Bat Chatillon 155 WoT of its trump card - mobility. Repair Kit can play a decisive role in the battle! If the “dash” is not your path, then the rotating tower gives a strong bonus to stealth!
And another important point - the cost of repairing Bat Chatillon 155 The World of Tanks is very high, more than 30 thousand. Keep this in mind, art factory!

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