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Tank T20 guide World of Tanks

Video guide

Overview of the video guide for the ST T20 tank - this is the American medium tank (ST) of the 7th level. In World of Tanks, the T20 takes the middle position from the CT, it is not so bad, well, and not so good.

TTX score

This American CT is subject to study of various modules, after its acquisition: Chassis, Engine, Radio, Tower and three different weapons. The mass of the tank is 30 tons, and this is the thing for the ST . Excellent maximum speed, which is quickly gained and together with a pumped chassis gives the tank indescribable dynamics. The armor of the CT is cardboard - it penetrates even the 5th level (4th with a landmine in the stern), therefore, the T20 penetration zone: forehead, sides, feed.


  • Low silhouette ST;
  • Excellent vertical angle;
  • Excellent gun (good accuracy, fast mixing and high damage);
  • Great dynamics.


  • A lot of vulnerabilities (sides, feed, cover);
  • Large loss of cornering speed and poor maneuverability;
  • Long recharge;
  • In top fights, low penetration.

Thus, we have many pros and cons. With a competent game, the cons become insignificant, but not all, nobody canceled the cardboard!


  • Commander;
  • Gunner;
  • Radio operator;
  • Charging;
  • Driver mechanic.

Because the crew is similar to the two previous STs of the 6th level M4A3E2 and M4A3E8 (the tank can be pumped from two branches), therefore, they can be retrained and transferred to the T20 World of Tanks.

Video guide review + game tactics

Modules Additional modules. Description and brief description

The T20's weapons are average and the fault is low penetration and long reload time. Yes, with this weapon you can easily throw enemy TT and ST into the stern, but only on maps with cities where medium tanks feel great.

An important additional module (DM) is the “Medium-caliber gun re-distributor”. It is insignificant, but will accelerate the reload time of the gun. Also very useful DM will be the "Vertical Stabilizer" and "Improved ventilation class number 2".

Mandatory set of consumables (consumables) for ST: "First-aid kit", "Remkomplekt" and "Fire extinguisher."

Game technique

Because it is a medium tank, therefore, there is only one tactic - “Support”. We ride for formidable allied TTs (if in open areas). If it hits the map with the city, then if possible we try to go around the enemy TT and CT, while throwing it in the stern. Speakers enough for us to ride forward / backward. We can also hide in bushes, behind tanks and houses - a small silhouette will not allow you to be shot.

So we have a cardboard T 20 WOT with excellent dynamics for city trips, but with slow reloading.

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