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Tank T69 guide World of Tanks

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The T69 is an American eighth-level medium tank . Its main features are a swinging tower and drum instruments.

The T69 tank was introduced in WOT patch 0.8.2. In patch 0.8.3, the cost of its modules was increased, which made it quite expensive to purchase and maintain.


The crew of the T69 WOT tank consists of the Commander, Gunner, Driver and Charger. At the initial stage, it is recommended that the whole crew learn the “Combat Brotherhood” skill, which together with the “Improved Ventilation” equipment will increase the efficiency of the entire crew.

Tank advantages

First of all, I would like to mention the pretty decent driving performance of 51 km / h at angles of rotation of 40 ° / s which gives very good maneuverability and allows you to dodge enemy shots well and quickly carry out reconnaissance attacks.

The fairly high visibility of the T178 tower also increases the effectiveness of the clearance by 400 meters and allows you to stay at a safe distance from the enemy, without exposing yourself to shelling.

A good overview and the location of the tower allows you to perfectly aim at the enemy along the vertical axis.

The armor of the tank is located at pretty good angles, which increases the chance of a rebound during shelling and protects your crew from damage.

I would also like not to forget about the rather high for average damage 90 mm Gun T178 (240/240/320). Penetration of guns also at a height of 173/300/45 mm.

Tank weaknesses

The weaknesses of the T69 tank include its cannon and the inconvenient location of ammunition, which sometimes leads to critics, if not fire.

The tank’s top gun has a rather long reduction (2.9 s), which leads to a lower rate of fire - 6.86 rounds per minute. Also, the 90 mm Gun T178’s gun is pretty lame in hit accuracy, because of this it increases the spread - 0.38m / 100m.

Battle tactics

The battle tactics on the T69 tank are the classic tactics of a medium tank, that is, a support team. At the beginning of the battle, it is recommended to chase the enemy fireflies a little and eliminate them.

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Then you can join a flock of strands on one of the flanks and help them fire, thereby breaking through the enemy’s flank.

After breaking through the enemy’s defense line along one of the flanks, you can safely go to the enemy’s rear, looking for and eliminating enemy artifacts. Remember to take advantage of your motor and tracks using maneuvers.

Do not forget also that the gun, 90 mm Gun T178, is rather inaccurate, therefore it is recommended to maintain support fire on enemy vehicles at a close but safe distance, using all possible shelters. It is advisable to tilt the tank - this will increase the chance of a rebound.

Crew equipment

It is recommended to use a standard equipment package on the tank:

  • Petrol
  • First-aid kit
  • Repair kit
Tank equipment

Below is the most optimal set of necessary additional equipment for the T69 tank. This set will be effective for all tactics of warfare.

american tank t69

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