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Tank T110E5 guide World of Tanks

In the review of the video guide for the tenth level American heavy tank T110E5 World of Tanks, we will talk about its positive and negative sides, penetration zones, a set of modules and consumables, and technical characteristics of the tank. So, let's begin.

General information, characteristics and overview of the technical characteristics of the T110E5 tank.

T110E5 appeared in the game with the release of patch 0.7.2 and replaced T30 . The replacement turned out pretty decent. Compared to other strands of its level, the tank looks quite decent. This is the real embodiment of the Cold War ”in metal, that is, graphic pixels. His confrontation with the IS-7 in the "World of Tanks" has become truly epic. He has very good frontal armor, although with sides and stern the situation is worse than that of his brethren. But Amer’s maneuverability helps him very much. This is such an overgrown Patton. Let's look at the game parameters:

  • strength is 2200 HP;
  • ultimate mass of 60 tons;
  • engine with 875 horses;
  • speed 37 km / h;
  • rotation speed of 30 degrees per second;
  • frontal armor 254 mm, side 76 mm and aft 38 mm;
  • turret reservation is 203 mm forehead, 127 mm side and 70 mm feed;
  • base shell damage from 300 to 500;
  • penetration of the basic projectile 202-336 mm;
  • gun rate of 6.45 rounds per minute;
  • the tower rotates at a speed of 32 degrees per second;
  • the review is 400 meters;
  • communication range of 745 meters.

From all this, we can conclude that the new American top is a formidable opponent of the Seven, the Frenchman, and even more so the E-100 . Of course, in some respects it is inferior, but this does not spoil the overall picture.

Positive and negative sides

The positive aspects include:

  • maneuverability - the dynamics are very good. Probably one of the highest at TT10;
  • high precision guns, armor penetration, damage and reload speed;
  • strong frontal armor, one of the best in the game (for example, the IS-7 has 150 mm, the E-100 has 200 mm, the French have 170 mm);
  • rather thick forehead of the tower;
  • good vertical angle of the gun (worse than the T30, but not by much).

Amer also has negative sides, these are:

  • rather thin armor of the side and stern;
  • huge commander's cupola;
  • fairly frequent critical modules and the failure of crew members;
  • Permanent crit ammunition.

From all of the above, we can conclude that it is still possible to fight with a tank. And then after its introduction into the game, it became “not to bend”, directly “the tank of Chuck Noris”.

Additional modules and consumables

Of the additional modules, it is best to put a rammer, a vertical stabilizer and improved ventilation. Other modules are useless here. Of course, there are no comrades for the taste and color, everyone will put what he considers necessary. But this is the best option.

Of the consumables, hand-held fire extinguishers, a small first-aid kit (due to the frequent death of someone from the crew), and a small repair kit (you can’t fight much with a damaged combat pack) are best suited.

Battle tactics T110E5 tank

Well, everything is quite prosaic here - you need to use the strengths of your car. The main thing is not to expose the sides and stern under attack, use your maneuverability and an excellent gun. It is best to play aggressively on top amer, standing in the bushes and hiding behind corners is not worth it. The dynamics and his weapon make the T110E5 a formidable opponent, but only if you play it, and not sit the whole battle in an ambush.

That's all. Good luck to all.

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