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Reuma Hel (Homeopathic medicines Heel)

Rheuma-Heel ®
Reuma Hel

Composition: 1 tablet contains: Rhus toxicodendron D6, Bryonia D4, Causticum Hahnemanni D4, Arnica D4, Ferrum phosphoricum D6 60 mg each.

Indications: Rheumatism of soft tissues, (peri) arthritic disorders.

Contraindications: Increased instinct for Rhus toxicodendron.

Side effects: None known.

The combined use with other means: Without features.

Dosage: Usually, under the tongue, 1 tablet 3 times a day.

Release form and packaging : Packaging contains 50 or 250 tablets.

Brief description of the indications for using the individual components of the formulation: Rhus toxicodendron Rheumatic pains in the bones, periosteum, joints, ligaments and muscles. Bryonia Acute and chronic rheumatism. Causticum Hahnemanni Chronic rheumatic diseases. Arnica Myalgia after overvoltage. Ferrum phosphoricum Rheumatic diseases of the spine and shoulder joints.

Based on the homeopathic components that make up this drug, Rheuma-Heel is prescribed for rheumatism of joints and soft tissues, with flu, accompanied by flour in the limbs; with muscle fatigue, accompanied by flour (together with Traumeel S), with typhoid fevers and with neuralgia (along with Dulcamara-Homaccord, Spascupreel, Colocynthis-Homaccord), with intercostal neuralgia, occipital and sciatic nerve neuralgia (together with Colomnthis -Homaccord, Ranunculus-Homaccord), with coxitis (in combination with Graphites-Homaccord, Dulcamara-Homaccord, Lithiumeel, Cruroheel S, Rhododendroneel S, Bryaconeel, etc.)

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