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Tank SU-14-2 guide World of Tanks

Review video guide self-propelled gun SU-14 World of Tanks

Video guide for the SU-14 now you will not surprise anyone. This is one of the oldest art in the game . You had to go to her a long and thorny path of artillery and God paid you for your work - you came to the first serious artillery, the former top of the Soviet branch of the ART SPG. In the review of this video guide, we will talk about how to use the Fridge correctly, what additional modules to install and which consumables to use.

general information

SU-14 has won the world of tanks for a long time. Eh ... I remember the good old days when there were more refrigerators in battles than the rest of the tanks, when the suitcase from the SU-14 meant only one thing - death, instant death. Not that cold already, not that ... But enough nostalgia, let's talk about the present. After purchasing the SU-14, you will receive almost the same weaponry for the SU-8 . The truth is just huge and extremely slow. But do not be upset. In the World of Tanks SU14 many know and respect. Especially after you install a 203 mm gun, which will very, very please you. One such plop removes from the tank 10-9 level for 1000-1500 HP, and with a successful hit, all 2000, which not everyone will survive. It is also possible to carry BB shells with them, the damage from which is simply harmful to everyone. True, you need to use them when you are sure that you will hit the enemy. But this is bad luck - you can not break through the armor of the spiteful. So sometimes it punishes the random WOT SU14. So it’s better not to abuse such shooting methods. You are still an art.

SU-14 World of Tanks

Combat effectiveness

Well, what can I say ... How to play on SU14-2? Yes, as in any art, you are artillery and behave accordingly. Pateshit is contraindicated for you. Maneuverability and speed are simply miserable, and your dimensions are simply huge. By the way, it is precisely because of them that the SU-14-2 got its nickname - Refrigerator or Cold. The tactics of the game is very simple - shot and drove forward or back. Better, of course, forward, because the reverse of the cold is simply terrible. He reluctantly picks up speed, but forward is still better than backward. Your poor mobility is compensated by the small spread of the sight when turning and the greatest damage on the level. For a successful game, you need to use the strengths of the machine and know your disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • damage;
  • low loss of information when turning;
  • armor-piercing shells;
  • margin of safety.


  • sizes
  • small angles of horizontal aiming;
  • maneuverability;
  • rate of fire.

Additional modules and equipment

Of the additional modules, it is best to install ventilation, a rammer and aiming drives. You should not take a camouflage net, because with such dimensions it simply will not save you. The equipment is standard budget option: first aid kit, repair kit and fire extinguishers.

Arta SU14-2 video

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