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Tank Ferdinand Guide World of Tanks

Ferdinand Video Guide

So you went to the finish line of the German tank destroyers - bought yourself the famous Ferdinand. After the mobile and maneuverable JagdPanther, this tank will seem very dull to you. But this is only at first glance. That's exactly about this second look and we will talk in the review of the video guide for Ferdinand. Consider the pros and cons of the “Elephant”, which additional modules should not be installed, which consumables to use and in general, how to play on this beast.

Game TTX Ferdinanda

First of all, it is worth taking a look at the performance characteristics of the Ferdinand tank. I will not list everything, but right away I will start with the fact that, first of all, it will catch your eye - 200 mm frontal armor. This is just a bomb. Now you can not be afraid of all kinds of IS or HF . The second thing that you should pay attention to is the number of HP Fedora - as much as 1200. This is the most “fleshy” PT of its level. “Fedya” is also not bad in stock condition. We have a good gun with which you can ride up to the study of the top one. In general, the tank is very good, but one trouble is its slowness, which can not be fixed. But more about that below.

Pros and Cons of Ferdinand WOT

Positive sides:

  • frontal armor - now we have moved to the class of heavy tank destroyers;
  • a very good overview - “I look far away, I sit high,” he sees the “Fedor” of enemies at a very solid distance;
  • accurate and quick-firing gun;
  • "Meatiness" of the tank (it will help you out more than once).

Negative aspects:

  • slowness - Fedya is very slow. It looks very harsh and important, a kind of Minister of Tank Forces. For me, for example, "Fedor Ivanovich" has always been, is and will be a very respected tank.
  • disguise - the German glows like a Christmas tree and illuminates the entire battlefield with his light. Almost anyone can notice it.
  • weak side and stern armor - well, this is a problem for all tank destroyers.

Additional modules, consumables and perks for the crew

In general, each selects a set of additional modules to suit his own style of play. But one additional module must be installed - a rammer. The strength of the PT in high PDM, and this module increases it. The remaining modules must be installed, refer to the style of play that is closest to you. If you are a lover of urban battles, then this is a rammer, repair kit and mixing. If you are a fan of bush gatherings - optics, rammer, optics and horns. There is a mixed option - rammer, mixing and optics. As for the equipment, everything is pragmatic here - a repair kit, a first-aid kit and fire extinguishers. For the crew, in the first place, it’s worth pumping a disguise because the Fedya is very noticeable with its dimensions, then the repair, because a gobbled psaltery for a PT is a certain death. Well, then to your liking.

Ferdinand penetration zone

Tactics at Ferdinand

Now let's talk about playing the Ferdinand World of Tanks. "Fedor" changes the game to PT in general. Now, sitting in the bushes and quietly shooting yourself or chasing the ST will fail. "Fedya", as mentioned above, is very noticeable and slow. When playing on this tank you will feel more comfortable on TT routes. The frontal armor of the Ferdinanda tank allows you to take part in such skirmishes. It is best to choose bottlenecks for your position where it will be difficult to get around you from the flank and rear. Also, do not forget about the "God of war." These comrades are very fond of "Fedor." If he lit up in the open, then this is a guaranteed frag for art. And all because of the same slowness. In general, you need to play as if you are playing on the TT , but only without a tower and with weak sides and stern. That’s all wisdom.

That's it. Good luck to everyone on the battlefield.

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