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How many times will you try to quit smoking until it works out?

Попытки бросить курить

Habit is an established mode of behavior, the implementation of which in a certain situation acquires for an individual the nature of a need that “induces one to perform some actions or deeds”. When an habit is formed, an action is repeatedly performed; a pleasant emotional tone caused by the implementation of this action is extremely important, since it is "learned ... that has become automatic and is performed without effort."

Smoking - pyrolytic inhalation (inhalation of smoke) of drugs, mainly of plant origin, smoldering in the flow of inhaled air, in order to saturate the body with the active substances contained in them by sublimation and subsequent absorption in the lungs and respiratory tract. As a rule, it is used for the use of smoking mixtures with narcotic properties (tobacco, hashish, marijuana, opium, crack, etc.) due to the rapid flow of psychoactive substances into the brain.

According to a study published last month on the BMJ Open science and medicine site, a typical smoker will have to make about 30 attempts to quit cigarettes before his wishes turn into reality and he quits. Admit it, it is a little more than 5-7 attempts that scientists have previously spoken of. Usually, when talking about 5-7 attempts, we are talking about the memories of former smokers, who rarely remember how many times they really broke off to part with an addiction.

If you quit smoking and you don’t succeed, do not worry: the more attempts you make, the closer you will be to the goal.

Dr. Michael Shayton, the author of the study, says: “The memory of a person is arranged in such a way that we very rarely remember passing, unsuccessful moments. And, of course, it’s hard to remember one of those many days when you tried to quit smoking 20 years ago. ” The new study is based on data that scientists received from smokers every six months for three years. Moreover, the number of probable attempts to quit in the future was calculated by a special mathematical formula. This technique is many times more accurate than a simple survey of former smokers, who are unlikely to be able to clearly remember how many unsuccessful attempts to quit they have taken.

The number of attempts to quit smoking directly depends on the strength of tobacco attachment. Say, if you light the first cigarette in about 30 minutes after waking up and exhaust a whole pack in one day, you are a heavy smoker, and it will be very difficult for you to quit. The good news is this: if you have failed to quit smoking from the first (and even from the fifth) time, this does not mean that you have to give up and smoke for the rest of your life. According to the study, you can try to throw a few dozen times, and each time you will be closer to the goal.

Here's how it works: with every attempt to quit smoking, you work through some situation in which you again took out cigarettes: you quarreled with someone, you felt ashamed, you lost a lot of money, you can’t deny yourself the pleasure of smoking you drank, you saw a beautiful sunset in nature ... Each of these options needs to be worked out to understand that you have already started smoking, and nothing good came of it. Usually 20-30 returns to the army of smokers completely exhaust your reasons to re-ignite a cigarette.

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