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Do you smoke? Nonsense of tobacco or the whole truth about smoking, which is uncomfortable for everyone

Чушь о курении

Smoking - pyrolytic inhalation (inhalation of smoke) of drugs, mainly of plant origin, smoldering in the stream of inhaled air, in order to saturate the body with the active substances contained in them by sublimation and subsequent absorption in the lungs and respiratory tract. As a rule, it is used for the use of smoking mixtures with narcotic properties ( tobacco, hashish, marijuana, opium, crack, etc. ) due to the rapid flow of psychoactive substances into the brain. Also, the word smoking or resurrection refers to the burning or evaporation of incense and aromatic substances, used in religious rituals, in aromatherapy and for aromatization of air.

For countries and territories of the world reporting to WHO, adult smoking prevalence ranges from 4% in Libya to 54% in Nauru. The top ten countries in which tobacco smoking is most widespread include, in addition to Nauru, Guinea, Namibia, Kenya, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mongolia, Yemen, Sao Tome and Principe, Turkey, Romania. In this series of 153 countries, Russia occupies 33rd place (37% of smokers among the adult population). However, despite the fact that, for example, the United States is in 98th place (24%), cigarette consumption is on average per capita higher than in many countries of the world with a higher smoking prevalence among adults. If in the USA about 6 cigarettes are consumed on average per capita per day (that is, including children and all non-smokers), in Russia it is less than 5. And the highest level of per capita consumption of cigarettes in Greece is almost 12 pieces per day per person. According to the latest WHO data, Turkmenistan is the country with the smallest percentage of smokers in the world.

Do you smoke? However, it doesn’t matter. You are still on either side of the barricades. For this world has long been torn apart by a war in which two armies fight - the Tobacco Leaf and Pure Air.

Is smoking hazardous to health?

Чушь о курении

The funny thing is that so far no one has been able to confirm completely that smoking is dangerous, nor refute this idea. Neither scientifically nor statistically.

It is reliably known that in heavy smokers the working volume of the lungs decreases, during exercise the pulse increases more, and shortness of breath appears faster than in non-smokers. It is exact that smokers have a high metabolism, so they gain weight worse and lose it faster. How dangerous these changes are for life, it is not yet possible to judge. Because, as soon as the matter starts to concern nicotine addiction, both scientists and statisticians give up.

Yes, up to 70% of those dying of lung cancer are smokers or those who quit smoking. But if we take the main age-socio-sexual section of such deceased, it turns out that he is already 70% composed of former or real smokers.

Yes, shortness of breath when climbing to the fifth floor is not good. But on the other hand, smokers solve the tasks of tests on the intellectual coefficient 15% faster. And they are twice less likely to die from diabetes.

Yes, in pregnant smokers, children are more often born with a lack of weight. But smokers are 50% less likely to have dangerous prenatal preeclampsia, and the number of cases of toxicosis is reduced by a third. Pulmonary emphysema is twice as common in smokers, but Alzheimer is three times less common, as is Parkinson's disease.

Here - official medicine beats the gong of victory - that's it! It was completely revealed that smokers are more at risk of becoming victims of frostbite - their tissues are worse at resisting cold. Proven, verified, in the safe! Let's fight the bad habit! But here the report of the British Medical Academy creeps up about a sharp decrease in the number of ulcerative colitis in smokers compared with non-smokers - no, well, what a vile thing ...

The summary data once again shows: statistics - a science is deceitful, inaccurate and insane. But it’s much worse when these statistics are suddenly put in order.

The appearance of a medical report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on the state of health of the continent's population in 1989-1990 ended in a wild scandal in 1993. Here it is also necessary to take into account that in Australia, with its centralized system of treatment centers and medical insurance, any statistical studies look much more convincing and larger than the data from European and American centers.

So, according to this report, the health of Australian smokers was generally better than the health of non-smokers or those who quit smoking.

Atherosclerotic diseases and oncology - the two main scarecrows in the fight against smoking - showed very modest results in those who, according to their testimony, do not let out smoking sticks from their mouths, compared to their non-smoking fellow citizens. If we take into account how much money the anti-nicotine lobbyists just at that time managed to pump out of state pockets for their great struggle, then for such reports of their compilers it would be worth feeding sharks frolic in the coastal waters of Sydney ...

Compared to this bomb, one could not even pay attention to the traditionally disgusting results of Greece (the highest percentage of smokers in Europe and at the same time the lowest level of oncology and diseases of the circulatory system). What is this Greece - in the end they have there sun, wine, mountain air, folk dances.

How nicotine works

Чушь о курении

Tobacco contains nicotine alkaloid. When tobacco burns, some of the nicotine, along with smoke, enters the body through the lungs and mucous membranes. Then, along with blood, nicotine spreads to all organs and begins to penetrate tissue cells. In fact, getting into our cage is not so easy - face control at the entrance will be more serious than in the most elite club, and there is nothing special for guests outside the list to catch.

But nicotine was lucky. Part of the cell receptors, designed to provide unhindered access to the natural enzyme of our body, acetylcholine, perceives nicotine as one of the forms of this enzyme. And wide open the door. The actions that nicotine has on the body are many.

It speeds up the heartbeat, narrows the blood vessels (and at the same time promotes their growth), interacts closely with the neurons of the brain, stimulates the production of the dopamine pleasure enzyme - almost no sphere remains inside us where nicotine does not stick its nose. But at the same time, no too violent changes are taking place in us.

Unlike alcohol, for example, nicotine behaves quite modestly, integrates very quickly into the general metabolic work process and our body likes it so much that it quickly recovers after the first vomiting and dizziness, and starts demanding more and more portions of this substances, considering it is now the legal part of its own system.


Чушь о курении

Now their heads are not yet chopped, but apparently everything is going to that. Sixteen years ago, the largest US tobacco companies already recognized their commitment to pay 46 states $ 206,000,000 to cover smokers' health insurance costs. Insurance companies danced victorious dances for a long time. Still, the majority of existing diseases fell under the “nicotine amnesty” - it was enough for the patient to indicate that he was a smoker, and bills for his treatment were sent to the centers for the distribution of tobacco subsidies. Considering that tobacco products are already subject to tremendous taxes, and the companies themselves regularly regularly pay multimillion-dollar sums on claims of private “victims”, it would seem that this indemnity could be satisfied. There it was.

In January 2014, the US Department of Justice and the five largest tobacco companies Philip Morris USA, Reynolds American, British American Tobacco, Liggett Group and Lorillard Tobacco reached an agreement after 15 years of litigation. The Justice Ministry initially demanded to recover $ 280 billion from cigarette manufacturers on charges of fifty years ago engaging in criminal conspiracy, hiding from the public that smoking is addictive and inhaled smoke is dangerous, and claiming that “light” cigarettes are less harmful.

As a result, tobacco companies were found guilty of deceiving consumers, but they forgave a fine of a tidy amount, forcing them to only publicly admit their deeds. If the Ministry of Justice insisted on payment, these industry giants would simply go bankrupt.

Why are they so afraid of tobacco?

Чушь о курении

Money used to fight against smoking, which is siphoned off by tobacco companies and issued from state budgets, is a sum with a large number of zeros. It is not surprising that such a golden brilliance attracts so many fiery fighters, angry speakers and passionate guardians for the happiness of mankind. People will always pay two types of citizens, this is the regal philosopher Marcus Aurelius said: "To those who entertain them, and to those who scare them."

Of course, entertainment show business has larger dimensions anyway, but the business of “scarers” is also flourishing.

Hundreds of funds safely pocket tobacco millions, feeding doctors and journalists, politicians and public figures. Of course, you can still fight with abortion, with power plants, with genetically modified products, with bad ecology, with the crisis of overproduction, with the automotive industry ...

But in most of these cases, on the side of the "vice" are usually too powerful forces that are still quite successfully resisting such attacks. Try the same genetically modified foods properly - half of all US farmers will rise up against you, there are no fools to butt with such bulls. And the tobacco companies turned out to be quite fat and appetizing, but at the same time too weak. Atu them, atu!

Success in the fight against demonic potion staggers the imagination - the bastions fall behind the bastions. Smokers hung around with red flags on all sides, they smacked non-smokers that those with smoking things in their mouth are encroaching on your life and freedom. They smoke your children, and they grow up stupid freaks, they deprive men of sexual strength, they jinxed your cows and dance naked on Bald Mountain! .. In general, old recipes still work well.

To convince a modern non-smoker that a person with a cigarette at the other end of the restaurant does no harm to him is like trying to tell the pious layman of Cologne about five hundred years ago that witches actually do not ferment milk and do not spoil children in the womb.

The strangest poison in the world

Чушь о курении

Nicotine boils at a temperature of 140-145 ° C, dissolves in water, ether and alcohol, is a very strong poison. A drop of nicotine in a few centigrams kills a horse. It's true.

But the dog already needs two or three drops, and if you take a goat or a sheep, then these animals will calmly drink ten drops, without even knowing.

Amoebas can generally exist perfectly, frolic in a one percent solution of nicotine, but the tubercle bacillus for some reason instantly throws off the hooves (or whatever else it has) even in the presence of an insignificant amount of this alkaloid in the environment (which is why experienced doctors of tuberculosis sanatoriums furtively suggest their patients do not rush to quit smoking, but at first recover).

If a non-smoker eats twenty cigarettes, he will either die or be forever damaged in his mind, but smoking helps schizophrenics block attacks of madness - nicotine has a beneficial effect on the functioning of their neurons. The leech, which was used to suck the smoker's blood, lives on average 20% longer than its "non-smokers" peers, but if a person with a planted leech will smoke at this time, then the animal will die very quickly in terrible convulsions.

6 reliable ways to reduce the harm from smoking

Чушь о курении

Do not smoke more than half of the cigarette

It’s better to immediately light the next one by throwing out a cigarette butt, the darkened filter of which already copes poorly with the absorption of harmful substances.

Do not smoke on an empty stomach

Even if you belong to those creative personalities who, having opened their eyes in the morning, immediately begin to use up smoking accessories on the bedside table with their weak hand, prepare in the evening the bedside table so that the hand stumbles first on some yogurt or fruit. Rape yourself - eat them. Now you can smoke with a sense of accomplishment.

Eat apples

If you could compensate for every smoked cigarette half of an apple eaten on the same day, the harm from smoking in your case would be minimized - the substances contained in the apple would help your body restore the balance of trace elements and reduce the risk of exposure to carcinogens. But, of course, you won’t shove so many apples into yourself. So just eat as much as you like.

Do not put a cigarette in your mouth

Smoke will be inhaled even if you simply press the filter against your lips, which are almost closed. It just will be less. At first it will be unusual to smoke that way, but what is good to be a smoker is that you get used to everything very quickly.

Breathe more fresh air and move

It’s better to smoke twenty cigarettes and run an hour in the park than not to smoke a single one and sit all day in a stuffy room. If remorse makes you spend twenty minutes longer in the gym and sleep with the window open - it means that your smoking is not so harmful in general.

Do not bite yourself, do not torment yourself, do not scare yourself with cancer and emphysema. If you smoke, then do it with pleasure and with a pure heart. Fears, nervousness and hypochondria themselves often become the causes of serious diseases, and not just nervous ones. Many experts are sure that forever expecting the worst and being tormented by anxieties can provoke the development of cancer.