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Tank T57 Heavy Tank Guide World of Tanks

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The T57 Heavy Tank is the tenth level US heavy tank . Some people confuse it with the T57 SPG for its name. It is particularly notable for its 120 mm Gun T179 drum and powerful cannon and a visually long barrel and smooth tower. Outwardly similar to its predecessor - T54E1 .

The T57 Heavy tank was introduced into WOT with patch 0.8.2 and so far has not yielded to any changes.


The crew of the T57 WOT tank consists of the Commander, the Gunner, the Driver and the Charger. The commander also acts as a radio operator. You can learn the skills of the crew of your choice.


The main advantage of the T57 Heavy Tank is its 120 mm Gun T179 drum cannon, which has a high reload speed of 25 s, hence the high rate of fire - 30 rounds per minute and rate of fire - 7.27 rounds / min. Also, this gun is notable for its power (400/400/515) and accuracy (spread - 0.35 per 100 m).

Strength at a fairly good level - 2250 HP. Adds a tank of endurance and its armor, made at a special angle, which increases the likelihood of a rebound.

Weaknesses of the T57 Heavy Tank

The T57 has lame armor on the turret (127/137 / 50.8 mm) and the hull (203 / 50.8 / 38.1 mm), which can be very fraught with its relatively weak mobility.

Another drawback is its, well, very small ammunition load - only 36 shells, which leads to the fact that you have to choose your goals very carefully, because with the drum system, the shells will go off quite quickly.

Battle tactics

The T57 tank will be best at offensive on the flanks of the enemy, as a classic heavy. Drum reloading mechanism allows you to fire quickly at various targets, and good damage and accuracy of aiming for a few shots will destroy the enemy ST or fireflies .

Dimensions allows you to quite freely hide behind houses and stone walls, but do not forget that the armor at the rear of the T57 hull is rather weak, it needs to be hidden anyway.

Do not forget about not very high driving performance - turns on some soils will reduce speed to almost 1-5 km / h and you will become a good target for enemy artifacts.

When shelling enemy equipment, choose those targets that you can hit and cause significant damage - the ammunition of only 36 shells.

Crew equipment

It is recommended that you use the standard equipment package on the T57 Heavy Tank World of Tanks:

  • Petrol
  • First-aid kit
  • Repair kit


For the T57 Heavy Tank World of Tanks, the following set of equipment will be most optimal:

  • Improved ventilation - will increase your combat effectiveness. It is especially recommended for those whose crew is not pumped.
  • Reinforced aiming drives - will help you conduct targeted and fast firing from cover. Will reduce the speed of information by almost a couple of seconds.
  • Vertical aim stabilizer - when shooting in motion, the dispersion is reduced by 20%, which allows for more accurate fire.

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