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Cardiotonic agents

Cardiotonic agents are widely used to treat heart failure.
sufficiency. For a long time, practically the only means
changed for this purpose were cardiac glycosides. With acute heart
Adrenaline is sometimes used in case of insufficiency, and later became
change more modern adrenomimetic drugs (see Curve, Dopamine,
Dobutamine). Recently, new non-glycosidic cardiotonics have appeared.
zidnoy and nonadrenergic prides (see Amrinon), but the main
diotonics used to treat chronic heart failure
cardiac glycosides remain.
It should be borne in mind that recently the tactics of drug therapy
heart failure has become more perfect. Along with the drugs,
stimulating the contractile activity of the myocardium, are widely used
medications that reduce the load on the myocardium and facilitate the work of the heart,
reduces the energy costs of the heart muscle and improves
its function, not by stimulation, but by its more economical
ness. Such agents of complex therapy are primarily
ferric vasodilators (see), reducing pre- and afterload by
myocardium by reducing peripheral vascular resistance and
expansion of the peripheral vascular bed, as well as K diuretic agents
reducing myocardial stress by exerting hypovolemic activity
effect, ie, reducing the volume of circulating blood plasma.
To a certain extent, the cardiotonic properties of the damned means
have a general positive effect on the metabolic processes of the body.
nizma, including myocardial metabolism (see. Anabolic hormones, Riboxin
and etc.).