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15.3.7. Exponential indicator of the average rukhu course (EMA)

The title index (Fig. 15.16, 15.17) is more beautiful in the trend, lower MA. Vin shvidsha react є to the winter and that again vrahovu і information of the remaining days.

When the EMA is marked, it is not simpler to arithmetic than the average, but to be more average: it is worth keeping the price closed with redundant and valuable factors. I’ll significantly speed up the appearance of signals.

ЕМА = Р с • К + ЕМАв • (1 - К ),

de K = 2 / n + 1;

n is the number of days averaged in the EMA;

R s - price of the year;

ЕМАв - ЕМА yesterday.

The number of days averaged is recommended for brothers of 10 to 20. It is much shorter than the EMA, which is more accurate to the minimum price, and you can remember the new trend earlier.

  • Coup if EMA zrosta і price falls to a line EMA a trokhi lower than її. Rosmist zasterezhnі come in (stop-loss order) below the local local minumumu. If you are interested in dragging the line of EMA, you can go to the point of intercity to the point of re-christening.
  • Sell ​​if the EMA is falling and the price is EMA. Stop-loss to increase the reach of the closest maximum and change the distance to the point of re-baptism, as only the price drops below the lower ЕМА.

Yakshcho lіnіya EMA evenly і tіlki trochi kolivatsya, then talk about the market without ruhu.

Exponential indicator of the average ruhu course EMA

Fig. 15.16. Exponential indicator of the average rukhu rate (EMA, de n = 10)

Exponential indicator of the average ruhu course EMA

Fig. 15.17. Exponential indicator of the average rukhu rate (EMA, de n = 30)

If EMA zrostaє , the trend collapses burn out, on the market more than grati on pіdvishchennya. Kupuvati more beautifully, as long as you turn to the EMA line, and do not interrupt yourself above it.

If the EMA is falling , then about the falling trend and about those that require selling. As a matter of fact, EMA is even better, get out of the way and go for EMA, so that you can quickly enter the current trend.

Most of the analysts are in combination, they can be stored in two or three simple MAs (4-, 9- and 18-day), or EMA (10- and 30-day).

We are important to prayer for the right price є re-baptismal line MA (or EMA) with the price of closing even lower than the point of baptism.

Treba pam'yatati, shch vikoristannya "srednih" naybilsh efficiently p_d hour of a viskhidnogo chi of a lower trend, if stinky yo piddverdzhuyut. For half an hour, the trend of the “average” trend will be reversed, and in case of a sideways trend, give a bagato of incorrect signals.