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International Rose and Currency Operations - Savluk M.І.

15.3.9. Approach / Breakdown Average Row Rate Indicator (MACD)

The indicator of the average ruh to the rate is the trend, the most significant trend. The approach / approach method of the indicator of the average ruin price, or MACD (Moving Average Convergence-Divergence) (Fig. 15.20), is not just one, but three different exponential MAs. On the graph is the indicator of the mahogany look of the baptized two lines: the “shvidkoi” line of the MACD and the “prevailing” signal line of the MACD. Naynadіynіshі signals vinayayut, if povilna lіnіya peretinaє shvidku.

The re-baptismal line of MACD is showing on the balance of power between the “Bikami” and the “Vedmedy”. Shvidka LIN_ MACD video imagery consensus for a short period. Povіlna signal line Lіnіya vіdobrazhaє consensus for the lead period.

  • If the shred line MACD is on the short signal line - the “beehives” dominate the market, and then more often than not. Yakshcho shvidka lіnіya pass pіd povіlno - "Vedmed" dominuyut on the market and more than selling.
  • If there is a line MACD is over, I’m going to rely on the other way - to get the signal to buy.
  • If there’s a MACD overflow, I’m leaning back lower than the signal to sell.
  • The signal to buy winery at the time of bicycling, if there’s a clear message that the link is pinned, I’m going to rely on the other way, with the lowered crosses of the oboma by the lines of the zero level.
  • A signal for sales of a winikaє with diametrically protracted furnishings.