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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

15.3.14. Ironed Shvidkost Zmіini (S-RoC)

S-RoC is even less signal, lower RoC , but the signal is significantly better. Take advantage of the S-RoC, as a rule, accrue on the main turn of the market. Divergence Yes, a particularly tight signal to buy or sell.

  • Bathe, if S-RoC perebuvaє pіd the middle line and turn around to burn.
  • Sell ​​if S-RoC overshoots and crumbles to the bottom. Sell, if S-RoC collapses, interrupting the middle line.
  • The divergence of “Vedmed” between S-RoC and the price is the need for a strong signal for sales and for a close position.

Divergence "bikiv" yes, a tight signal to buy and to close short positions.

15.3.15. Nadmіrna kupіvlya nadmіrny sales

May all the graphs of the oscillator repeat the form of the new graph. Ale stink to mezhuyu ruzhu - the maximum and the least significant, but normal. If the oscillator is intermittent at these points, then try to explain the latest trends.

If the price is maximum, the oscillator will show overbought, and if the price is the minimum value - oversold. Nadkupіvlya - the signal is on the market until the price falls, resales on the order of those sold are sold and the price is free.

Lines of re-purchase and resale are designated on the graph by horizontal sales lines.

If the oscillator is falling, it’s possible to reach the bottom line, and then you can see the bottom or top. Oscillators give good thanks for the hour to the corridor of price, ale to hourly, if a new trend is born.

The oscillator, by the stretch of the trivial hour, can show a buy-in, a new strong upward trend will emerge as a whole, and when it comes to selling it. You can show on resales with a long stretch of sales in case of a low low trend, probably for those who need a coup. The dealer’s profes- sion on the market and the ability to do so is that right now you need to be vibrant, if you are bouncing around with oscillators, if you are showing trend indicators, if you are looking to buy your position, and if you are selling.