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15.3.17. Stochastics

Іndeks vіdnosnoї Sealy Got one nedolіk: vіn buduєtsya on tsіnah zakrittya i do not vrahovuє mіnіmalnih that the maximum values for market analysis Pevnyi perіod. The bagato analysis is based on the transfer of the stochastic methodology by J. Lane - the Stochastic Process (Stochastics), as well as the Victorist all original data. In addition, it’s important to get involved, but the stochastics will be faster, lower RSI , and more than the average signal.

A stochastic analysis (Fig. 15.24) is prompted by such a law: with a zagreous increase in price, the indicators are closed, as a rule, straight up to the upper mid-range, and on the other hand, while the “leading” trend is lower. In a stochastic analysis, there are two curved lines -% To that% D , like a dash on a vertical scale of 0 to 100.

The greater gravity of the development of stochastics for the help of the computer. Vibir period averaged means tim, a trend and a clear view. Longer than a short-term stochastic (approximately five days), additional help for short-term reversal, greater duration (14-21 days) - a reversal of the trend.

Porіvnyaєmo two varianti of stochastics: shvidky and povіlny. The stochastic shvydka is sensitive to the turn to the market, ale da bagato splash. More stochastic is more beautiful than the market noise and even less splash and even more popular mid-gravs.

Stochastic yes, three types of signals: divergence, regular line, straight line.


Fig. 15.24. Stochastics

The strongest signal to buy or sell stochastics is yes, with divergence between them and those prices.

  • If the stochastics are passed over the middle of the line (20–80), the stink should help to identify the maximum area and the minimum price. The signals are good pracing the hour to the price channel, and the hour is hourly wining a new trend.
  • The divergence of the “win” of the winnings, if the price falls to a new minimum, and the stochastic is set to a lower minimum, the lower the decline. The best signal is Todi, as long as the first minimum is lower than the lower line, and the other is the first line.
  • The divergence of the “Vedmed” winika with the new maximum reached, and the stochastics become smaller at the higher maximum, lower half the hour before the middle price. The strongest signal is the sale of the winery є Todi, as long as the highest maximum of the decorations is above the line, and the other is lower than it.
  • If stochastic is halfway through, there’s 80 for the line — 80 for all those who are on the market above. Since it was bought a bagato soup, the market can crash down. If stochastics rely lower than the bottom line, the above-the-top sales will be available for the market. Yakshko sold dogo bagato, then change the mind for Rukha down.

Tsі signals signals good pracyuyut at the corridor Tsіn, Ale shit - at the trend. In the case of the upward trend of stochastics, it is necessary to enter into the area of ​​over-the-top purchases and give a signal for sales, while selling prices. In case of a low trend of stochastics, they will quickly shift to a higher sales and give a pardon signal to buy all the hour, so long as they fall.

If the stochastics are offended, they are collapsing in one strand, they’ll stink out, there is a short-term trend. Since prices are growing and offending stochastics may be growing, then, as a rule, promotion is promoted. If prices change and stochastics are offending, they can fall, then soon, for all the short-term recession to continue.

J. Lane recommends vikoristovuvati stochastics on the monthly and monthly graphs for forecasting the pre-term trend, and the hour of the short-term strategy vikoristovuvati denny graphs.