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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

Dodatok 6. Doruchennya vidachu guarantor

Granting of a guarantee

Community ____________________________________________________

(install name)

on the type of guarantee ______________________________________________

(name to the jar)


(management, business)

Please see the guarantee ________________________________________

(name to the jar)

behind the form, yak get on the ______________________________

(name of beneficiary)

_________________ at the care of our goiters'yazan ______________

___________ (the nature of the goiter’s job: payment for goods, delivery, work)) ______________________________ for a contract (tender)

___________________ (date, number) __________ to the amount of _____________

(figure in words)

______________________, to become ________________% of the contract (tender) (plus%, to

(sum in numbers)

for corridor credit) ______________________________________

(to be indicated at the place of denial of commercial loan), ____________

______________ stretch _____ rock_in termin until _________.

Contribution to contract ______________________________________

(in numbers)

Delivery term (Budva) ___________________________________

The basis for the signature ____________________ contract (participation in the tender)

(name of the minds)

General goiter ’________________________________________

(set name) (date)

Datatty data and technical instructions (name to the bank) __________________________



  1. Copy of the contract.
  2. Guarantor project.
  3. Bills.
  4. Rosklad pays for bills.

Kerivnik Pidpis


Head Accountant