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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

Dodatok 5.3.1 Everything can be chatted

For іmіdzhu politics, it’s important to є everything: including the inclusion of the attributes and attributes of the people. In total, you can revert to the application of a prominent German politician Helmut Kohl, who, having become the youngest chancellor in history in 52 regions, has gone on to have three right-handed rights to form the Nimechchini detachment.

Ale before tim over the feather of a special political zmagan was carefully practiced by fakhivtsi psychologists. The stench "knew" with the guise of "pears" (as I name the chancellor of the city’s humor and the image of caricaturists) - important horned eyepieces, zaminivshi on the metal frame and "vіdkrivshi" nіmtsyam chesnі och Helmut.

I result is not overcooked. Most of them, they took a lot from the social welfare, they said, they ... bought a used automobile from the chancellor. Requiring the nobility mentality, abi zrozumіti, for them such a thing є svіdchenchenyam even better than people, to deal with such an ambiguous reference, like a politician.

Before the speech, the head of the department will soon have a great wardrobe costume. Have you thought, what’s a win ’dandy and a marnotratz? Do not sleep with the bows. All the riches of the fact that Kohl will constantly get a glimpse of the loud, sweeping vagina. I through those who want to be completely shy, don’t bring success, winnings of mother’s costumes for all life incidents.

But not pennilessly sponikat a prominent politician shyly for two tihni "sit on dite" in one of the Alpine sanatoriums. Again, on the other hand, the form is healthy, the camp is healthy. I want nothing for the laws, we can’t get medical attention from the politician, because the food is necessary to make a huge difference.

Do not send additional calls to the United States, but only during the presidency of R. Nixon, newsletters about the state of health will publish practically all presidents and candidates for the first half hour of the front-end battles.

Since it is important and important for the vibrant health official, I can offer you a half-hearted Presidential duel between George W. Bush and William Clinton. Bush, having won the president’s seat and may be for the shoulder, I’m going to overtake the USA over Iraq, for the results of the sociological reports, having permanently denied the most popular popularity rating, as if he were the president of the USA. Ale Varto Bulo Yomu on the road to meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister for the first time (journalism was recognized for the first time), as George W. Bush’s rating was almost straightforward. I didn’t squander and endorse my friendly squad, I didn’t like it, the president simply flipped right ahead of time an hour to ten, and now he’s got the flu ... I want to redo the American Bush’s opinion, I have to say that I have to , "process pishov."

Schopravda, і Uiglyam (abi show your "nationality", you’ll be greeted by Bill) Clinton would like to have some problems if I watched the hour of the television debates rapidly having lost voice. All the same, I spooked my father’s team and the political team for an hour with the need for vibrating people to see the list of people with the program and biographical note about the presidential candidate’s health.

When it comes to putting the Americans to mental health policy. Yak svіdchit sposterіgachі, supervisor J. Bush on the presidential stretches of 1988 rock Michael Dukakis, having grasped the fact that journalism had learned about one more than one time psychiatric psychology. I want American people to supersede often to psychoanalysis, ale, to a thought, to a rhyme, to engage in intercourse in the most beautiful places of the people’s state with unstable psychology, it’s unacceptable.

At the same time, I’ll respect you, the president is such a big man, like all the people. Viddak yomu mєbuti of cares for the very same confidentiality, as if in a vidnosim vidadin vidnosin "lіkar і patsіnt".

Turn around to our political practice, which means that parliamentary elections in 1994 in Ukraine were “littered” with the same type of political messages, they were candidates for the deputy: і ’’, ’’ national, ’

"Діловий імідж" is more likely to be characterized by an ideologue "we earned a penny for myself, it’s earned i for you." Candidates for the deputy, like a candidate, have chosen to reconcile vibrations, energy efficiency, energy, stability, business acumen, and have already been fully used.

The middle of the positive picture of the type of image is singing over the discipline and order, bringing the reference to the end, thankfully, it’s skinny. Among the negative ones - there’s an increase in insight to the bahtiks, the Wiklikan by nature, and the liking of the nabutih capitals.

The "Intellectual Image" was a candidate for the people’s deputies on the basis of firmness, but for the parliament, there are necessary competent people, so that they can have the necessary knowledge and intelligence.

The ambiguity of the type of image of the pole lies in the fact that it’s awesome and suspension of transmission to the most sensible, ale love (it’s possible to say so) - to strong, rude, communal and more simple politicians.

To such types of people vіdpovіdaє "people’s image", which would be on the classic populist nastanovah:

1. We’ve gotten to live, because there’s nothing "about us" about us.

2. Wrap me, I will seize your interest.

3. Todi will be more beautiful to us.

From now on, it is possible to mean that the "national image" is characterized by the magnetics of formating a shutter to itself like before a "good boy". Win, movlyav, not a communist, nationalist, but a democrat, as if through і and all at once to fool ordinary people. Win - "ours," and said mustache. In such a way, taking away such a thing, like I’m stinking myself, vibrating myself content with my own love.

" Political Image" focusing on the contrasting communalist and socialist groups (formal or otherwise) and the national democrat. In both consecrated wagons, the rate was broken on singing, kindness in the basic values ​​of the main political forces of suspension. But the ability to get started sooner on declared completeness to these values, more on the special characteristics of candidates.

The Zhіnochiy іmіdzh mаmagalis іn vіdpratsyovuvati numerіnі іn the candidate corps representatives іn beautiful polіtichnі і half. The creative credo of the program settings is: “It is similar to those who can’t help anyone else. You’ll take away the water - and stink it.”

Before the speech, if the average number of candidates was one-on-one, she immediately rejected the song-starting moves. I would like to say that shvo її is easier to remember. In addition, women are simply "grati" on emoticons, a victorious contrast method in front-end discus.

Victory і svіtі polіtichny dosvіd successful polіtichny dіyalnostі zіnok. One from far away advertising materials looked like this: Photographed Margaret Thatcher (the largest number of British ministers, mother of two children), Benazir Bhutto (premium of Pakistan, mother and her friend) mother trioch ditei) with an obzagalnyy pispisom "Tsim zh_nkam can be done".

Імідж м місцевого inhabitant ", so it’s yak" народ people’s ’, based on the postulate Я I’m svіy, I live here, I don’t go anywhere, I’m more familiar with it. It’s easy for me to know that I’m a stranger, yakі shukayut durnіv u provіntsії ". In principle, the "variegated" version can be seen as the best of the "national image", the fragments are fixed on the contrast of the "new-stranger". However, here is the day’s message, the message of the message of the city’s leader, the way to bet less on the interest of the government, to wire the parliamentary corps beyond the regional geopolitical signs, which is now threatened by state power.

It’s even more important that we have the element іmіdzhu (order with clothes, zachіskuyu skinny) є яв ч в в ((ч ч ури ури а а а а ури ури ури. One of the fundamental characteristics of the remaining є posmіshka politics. Zrozumіlo, but there won’t seem to be more like people, but no. At the same time, this means that, to the leader of the union, you need to understand how much you want to be able to deal with vibrators, especially to the women, and this is how psychologists have come to light, you can also see it.

Valery BEBIK

Our comment: The theme of healthy pretenders to land in the power of the state was discussed in the presidential districts of 2004 p. in Ukraine.

The team of V. Yushchenko "pedaled" on the outward biologic zbroєy (and the whole story is similar to the truth), and the opponents on the side of the main rival V. Yanukovych on the occasion of the Moscow mass media spoke about the fact that I didn’t have to go out of school.

In any case, the whole history is completely indecent from the point of view of ethics, the fragments of the parliamentary committee and the collegium of the Ministry of Health preserve health and safety, I have robbed those who have already received the medical certificate from the presidential president. ...