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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

Dodatok 7.4.4 Ukrainian - Lyudin Roku-2003

Ukraine is young

Shche kіlka rokіv that tsu boo would be impotent, I beg you to finish a difficult vidnosini ukraintsev і poles in іstorії spіvіsnuvannya two great European nations.

A fact of fact is to be overlooked by the Polish journal Forum Psycholo-giczne, a very small 15-year circulation and the most professional Polish psychologists, recognizing people’s rock 2003 as the head teacher of IAPM Valery Bebik. The middle of the Nominan-tiv is the Pope and Dalai Lama of Rome.

V. Bebik — Doctor of Political Sciences and Candidate of Psychological Sciences, author of books 1b, in addition to this — English and Polish Movies. Winner and organizer already have three olympic games from Polish language for Ukrainian students, who have won a dirty tally from Poland.

In commencement of V. Bebika’s Bulk Law Center, a distance learning center for a Ukrainian university in Poland, which allowed more than 500 Polish students to graduate from Ukrainian state diplomas, including a number of psychological qualifications.

The nominee of the home of Poland with his own speech to the Polish TV channel, as well as the regular winners in the administrative court of Warsaw, do so with the ministry of national education and sports of the Polish-Lithuanian state.

Our newspaper also wrote about all the past rock, and in the whole town - to come to life, as if I would deny the drive given to the drive by the Ukrainian political scientist and psychologist.

Інф. "MIND".