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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Insurance stock

- a stock of material resources, the need for ensuring the normal interruption of the viral process at times of the non-transferred code for the post-office, interruptions for the robot transport, and the emergency situation is skinny.

Commodity stock

- an oath of goods at a penny chi natural viraz, scho interruption from the sphere on the song date. Falling into the future is due to stocks of in-line savings, seasonal out-of-season delivery.

Stock of approved goods

- there is a need for more goods for other tasks for an hour.

Stock up materials

- resources of concern and subject matter, purposes for secure non-repudiation

full virobnitstva. Three types of stocks are being interconnected: finished products, high stocks and unfinished stocks.

Stock goods (stocks)

- the supply of goods, which is constantly changing to the market, from the sphere to the market, from the process of changing the list until it is realized. The approval of Z. t. Is actively dealt with by the process of creation. Stock up on live goods to ensure uninterrupted access to real estate, satisfied with the population. The demand for mineral goods in the West is connected with the minds of transport, imported goods and supplies, and with the help of food and drink. Z. t. Є element of commodity proponuvannya.

Power Proposition

- This is the process of procurement, at a certain company-buyer, propelling, qualifying, and post-graduate students.


- Consume people, food and drink, buying and selling.

Scheduled zastarіvannya

- strategy of product development, which is morally obsolete earlier and lower in harmony.


- serpents in the conduct of indivi dly on the basis of living welfare.