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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk


Successful struggle against malignancy is impotent without quiet cooperation, operational-rozshukovyh and expert pidrozdіlіv. Allowed for time, first and foremost, and operational and expert and criminal investigations, they can be specific, if they are in need, they need to be aware that they need to be informed.

So, the following is an increase in the prevalence of secondhand evidence as a whole, transferred to the CCP of Ukraine, and for their assisted establishment of malignancy and to bring forth their own indulgence, the need for further consideration.

With great abilities to fight against maloperation of operational-rozshukі pidrozdіli, the legal basis of the duty of certain laws of Ukraine "About operative-rozshukovy dyalnost" and "About the legal basis of struggle" Improvement of the law on the wide range of operative-search activities, stolen large human resources and technical resources, for the benefit of other good practices and the need for more operation and maintenance. Upovnovazhenі law toil takozh digit obsyag Informácie operational dovіdkovogo nature, yaky stink vikoristovuyut in svoїy sluzhbovіy dіyalnostі, zokrema rіznі operativnі oblіki (for prіzvischem, daktiloskopіchny, bezvіsti zniklih i nevpіznanih trupіv, vikradenoї that vtrachenoї zbroї, viluchenih Numbered speeches vikradenih speeches toscho). It’s okay to stink of widespread technical hardship, beware, foxs, service dogs, so I can help you to get hot on the basis of “hot words”, to calm down your children, to keep them in good shape.

With skin rock, the ability of expert-criminal criminals to recover from roscritic malignancy is increased. May we have our own staff with access to technology, balistics, fingerprints, as well as biologists, automotive technicians and other special technicians, they have the most advanced technology, and more Ekspertno-krimіnalіstichnі pіdrozdіli organіv vnutrіshnіh ref for Relief slіdchim i pratsіvnikam organіv dіznannya stvoryuyut vіdpovіdnі krimіnalіstichnі filing that oblіki (slіdіv paltsіv hand, a sack, gіlz Zi slіdami zbroї, kolektsіy zbroї, pіdroblenih dokumentіv, zrazkіv protektorіv avtomobіlnih tires toscho). For the additional required area and collection of expert-criminal statistics, you can press the button for information, as it is important for the recognition and distribution of zlochinov.

The interaction of expert, criminal-criminal and operative-pink-male children is grounded on such basic principles.

1. Dotrimannya vimog law . By way of exclusion of sub-activity as a whole, there is a supply of deposits in the form of freedom, it is necessary to take the fate of it, the main aspects of the regulation are regulated by law. So, the right of subsequent granting of orders and instructions to the authorities of the Republic of Belarus on the occasion of the operational and roshukovyh instructions and the prompt identification of the organs of their assistance was requested by the Visitors from Ukraine, 3 times. 114 (Reward of the next). At Art. 118 (Okremі druchenennya) The CCP of Ukraine is recognized that the right to receive the right to receive the right to consecrate the consecutive agreements in the lower regions of the provincial authority is limited to 10 days of work. At Art. 103 (Reinventing Organizations) The CPC of Ukraine will be transferred, but the organization will be paid to live operational-rozukhovyh visits through the method of manifestation sign zlochin os osib, yakі yogo committed.

The Law of Regulation also includes a number of important meals, including the possibility of separately having special knowledge, knowing more about science, technology, knowing how to do it more often than not, just like that. closed evidence, rose food, and require special knowledge. The procedure for obtaining special legal assistance, the right to obyazykayutsya art. 128-1 CCP of Ukraine. Specialist obov'yazkovo is guilty of taking part in vicarious affairs - looking over a corpse, a yogi, a child, I don’t know, I need to know how to do this. 75-77, 196-202 CPC of Ukraine.

2. Viyavlennya іnііtsiativi all participants with the method of securing Shvidkogo and again rozslіduvannya. Of the legislative provisions, it is necessary to regulate the cooperation with operative-rozshukovymi and expert-criminalіnalistichny pіdrozdіlamy, vіlpivaє, scho іnіtsіtsіvatіv such a vіzєmodії mіє go out next. You can be given the right to hurry up the specific circumstances of the services, to get the services you need (to get them) you need to get for help if you help me. Operative-rozshukіv and expert-criminalіnalistіchnі pіdrozdіli guilty of the vicarious acquisitions of the next.

Immediately iz tim bulo would be wrong to define the role of passive vis-à-vis decision-makers. Interested in being willing to demand more than one law enforcement agency, from their services and from their initiative, when they are covered, there is a greater risk that they are inevitable of any additional liability. As a rule, the practitioners of operational-rozshukovyh experts, as well as experts, can help others to help them, I’m sure that I’ll help them to contact them, I’ll help them. So Yakscho operativnі pratsіvniki toil іnformatsіyu about zv'yazki obvinuvachenogo of mozhlivimi spіvuchasnikami zlochinu, about Location skhovu vikradenogo Lane, mіstseznahodzhennya pіdozryuvanogo chi obvinuvachenogo that INSHI obstavini, SSMSC toil suttєve values ​​for Shvidky th Povny rozslіduvannya zlochinu, the stench of vlasnoї іnіtsіativi povinnі Nadachi qiu іnformatsіyu hereby and at once the viral nutrition about vikoristannya otrimanih tribute.

3. Triviality, such as demanding interest. The initiative for a healthy stay is not guilty of a one-time but a mother of a one-to-one nature. As a rule, at the time of disagreement at the time of the destruction of the criminal reference trivati ​​until the final completion of the check at the reference. Tsya vimoga є invariable principle of interaction.

4. Planuvannya as the basis of interaction. As a matter of practice, interconnection with Roskritty’s evil will be specific and effective, as a matter of fact, to be encouraged on a planned basis. It is necessary to carefully observe the letters of the legal plan, especially if the unobvious malignancy is observed on the cob and on the other hand. The plans include the role of participating participants in modal supply of food, the necessary entries are to be made, specific holidays and lines of the weekend. Plans to be able to do it with okremim. A split plan for operational-rozshukovyh i sіldchikh dіy to store the next і operative іnd prazіvniki. Pislya yogo uzgojuyut, as a rule, with the chief of operational pidrozdіlu. Zatverdzhuє tsey plan is the carnival. Okremі plan to store Todi, if you please furnish me to demand a detailed welfare of the operative-rozuchukovyh visits, I’m not imagining yakі in the zagalny plan.

5. Knowledge of all participants in the sharing of the possibilities of skin and side. A servant can’t do it again with the world, by the way, the abilities of operative experts and criminal criminals, but I don’t mean anything about them. Those same ones can be told about operational practitioners and experts. It is possible to promptly and expertly criminalize the need to thoroughly, if necessary, to expand, and it is important that you keep in mind that you should be aware of the fact that you should be aware of the fact that you should be aware of the fact that you should be able to inform them about it.

W looking around at vikladene vzaєmodіyu mozhna viznachiti yak spіlnu dіyalnіst slіdchogo, operational ekspertno i-krimіnalіstichnih pіdrozdіlіv of rozrobki that zdіysnennya zahodіv, pov'yazanih of complex vikoristannyam protsesualnih, operational rozshukovih i tehnіko-krimіnalіstichnih zasobіv, of metoyu uspіshnogo rozkrittya zlochinіv, vstanovlennya vinnih i a manifestation of the furnishings, they schoili in order to bring down the slime, and lived in for their utmost.