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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


The problem of meeting the key in the system of market intelligence. Conducted in Ukraine, the liberalization of prices led to a rapid increase in power over the process of regulating prices. Z 1992 p. the value system is built up, seemingly completely, until the return of the return value, the value of the return value, the value of which is signified by consumption and proposition. Sovereign regulation of prices is stagnant for a university stake of goods that are violated by monopoly-monopolies.

Yak vіlnі, so і governed by the price, they can be wholesale (wholesale) and retail.

The wholesale price of consumer goods including the ability to sell products and the benefits of consumer goods. For wholesale prices of products, products for sale are sold to retail and trade organizations.

The wholesale price of industry including the wholesale price of business, the surcharge for dartana wart (MPD) and excise taxes. For the wholesale price of production, products are sold beyond the galuz. If products are sold through an online wholesale trading base, then wholesale prices are included in the wholesale price list to cover the sale and approval of the transaction.

Wholesale prices are fully installed, as soon as possible, and the prices are free. Understanding "franco" means, to a point of retrieval of goods, the buyer will be able to deliver the goods.

So, with wholesale prices of “free” stations, the delivery is included in the wholesale price, and all the on-board transportation costs are not covered by the price. The price of the “free” station is earlier than the smallest, the most widespread in the material galleys of the industry, and the price of the free station is used in the galleys, which are serviced by the basis of the large number of products. However, the economic advantage of frankvuanny wholesale prices in the minds of developing business is not to be seen as forms of payment and business, but in return for commercial business and other products.

Rozdrіbna price including wholesale price of production and trade in the national market (book). As a rule, wholesale prices are more important than in the internal turnover, then for the best prices, the people who live in real life are the population.

In this way, the level of official and official price is the most appropriate official, who is more than willing to sell realizable products, and, albeit, by the amount of a surplus.