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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.


Іstorіya ekonomіchno і dumki Take your ear at the old age. Already the first people of Mali are the rudiments of gospodar knowledge, which were the result of the realization of viral fever. With a touch of suspicion, they broadened the widespread manifestation of economic visibility, the manifestation of a visually sensible ideological character. The stinks became the warehouse of the archaic art and came to us in the most creative works of the old people, religions, myths, legends and parades, and most of them knew their pictures from the writers.

For an hour, surrounded by Muslims, they tried to analyze the characteristics of the state gifts. Proteins of economical look, they didn’t look into the self-confidence of the galaxy of knowledge. The economic and economic power supply (for example, a description of the legal provisions, pleasing the organization of government, the characteristics of the economic policies of the powers and the economy of the reforms, the state of the art, and the number of documents) was met. Also at the creators of the old authors. In the process of historical development, the economy is formed more economically, while the surroundings, one by one, ideally develop from the system of economic knowledge, into the economic ones. This included a picture of the winnings and the emergence of economic science.

I’m not able to summarize, but to get some economic ideas, I’d like to show people’s suspense. You can get more information about this and that look at the idea of ​​the old-fashioned suite, as the bulo is embedded in the letters of the dzherely. To look at the history of economic thought, one can fix it on the characteristics of economic manifestations of the peoples in the period of old civilization.

Yasna rich, economical thought of the old-fashioned svidu vidobrazala Stan socially-economical and political development of the present sous-powers. Acts against them were filled with suspensions of the Asian method of virobnostva (empire of the ancient Descent), and they were with suspensions of the ancient method of virobnitz (Ancient Greek and Ancient Rome). The majority of them signified the special features of economic thought.