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Economic analysis (compendium)

2 Rozdil. Subject, zmіst that zavdannya ekonomіchnogo analysis

2.1. The subject of economic analysis

The State Diversity - as a whole there is an opportunity to achieve better understanding of the economics and the sciences, as well as to help those who are interested in doing business and have a great deal to do with it.

For the sake of violating that part in a given area, there are only a few analyzes, due to the need for daily analysis, as well as control functions, character, form, and state function.

Be a specific process - the consistency of the last years and the last years of manifestation, when you see the causal-inherited sounds. The results of the processes are planned on Maybutn, regionalized one by one until the factual assertion and analysis is analyzed. Alya analizuyutsya without interruption is not completely the results as the results of the processes, but the reasons for their approval of the serpent.

Causal diseases of the state at the state d'yalnosti bagato. It’s possible to stink to nature, nature and order of mind. I’ll lay down the foundation of the winnings and dances according to the character, the rest of the ousting and the steps I will manifest in the specific state law of the city. On the one hand, in one lance there is a reason for gaining access, and on the other hand, it’s stinky to see the main reason for asserting new ones. The reason can be found by deciding on one and the same thing without interruption, but through the other reasons, pour it on them.

For the results of a detailed systematic review of the state dyalnosti yak ob'єkta governing it is possible to sow the bows, which is the subject of an economic analysis є reasons (officials) the approval of that sermon її results. With a look at analysis, there’s a day and night of reasons, both positive and negative impact on the results of praxis, step up and down, steel that is ready to go, and also remember that you need to grow and grow.

I want to see the issue, but in the economic literature it was instructed to finish a bagato on the value of the subject of an economic analysis. One thing you need to respect is the subject of government granting that effectiveness and efficiency — that is, courtesy of state-owned processes, which can be stored as long as the last sub-active and official officials. There is also a thought, which is the subject of an economic analysis оном the economy of the economy, as well as the ability to look at each other at the technical and technical level, so that I have the opportunity to

However, it has been suggested that the subject matter of the economic analysis is not identified by any other functional control of the radio. To this subject it is accepted to respect the causelessly reason for the assertion of that result of state gifts, in other words, the cause and effect of the name of state gift.